Student Senate Meeting Public Forum

NOTE: The Student Senate meets in RSC 233, Sante Fe Room. There is not option for a virtual address at this time. Under Senate policies, masks are required to be worn while in the Senate Chambers.

This form will serve as the electronic sign up form to speak during public forum at the beginning of the Student Senate meetings for Student Government Association. Public forum is open to all students, faculty, staff, administration. Public forum is also open to community members so long as they receive approval from the Speaker of the Senate prior to speaking during public forum. The sign up sheet for public forums will remain open on the Wednesday of Senate meetings until 6:20 PM. 

The form below includes a section for contact information for members of the Association to follow up with you if need be and also a section asking for which topic you will be speaking on. 

Speakers during public forum will be allocated 3 minutes to speak to the Senate and will be given the chance to be asked questions from Senators, but are not required to take questions if they choose not to. If you have any questions about public forum, please email the Speaker of the Senate at

Please fill out and submit this form.

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