SGA Elections Commission Guidance to RSO and University employees


WICHITA, KANSAS (February 25, 2019)- The Student Government Association Elections Commission is excited about this upcoming election season to elect the members of the 62nd Student Government Association Session. In order to effectively and fairly execute this election, the Elections Commission has issued the following guidance regarding University staff, faculty and student organizations involvement in the 2019 General Election as governed under the Election Code on the Legislative Journal.

Recognized Student Organizations

Any organization that is recognized by the Student Government Association may issue an official endorsement of any candidate provided that the endorsement is approved by the membership of the organization according to the procedures outlined in its Constitution and Bylaws. Any organization recognized by the Student Government Association may contribute financially to the campaign or assist in the raising of campaign funding of any candidate provided that the contribution or assistance is approved by the membership of the organization according to the procedures outlined in its Constitution and Bylaws and provided that this contribution or assistance complies with the Campaign Finance regulations

University Staff, Faculty and Administration

No University staff, faculty or administration member may provide any senatorial candidate or Presidential ticket with access to any academic, departmental and other organizational emails lists to be used by any senatorial candidate or Presidential ticket. No faculty or staff member can utilize University resources to support specific candidates. This shall include but is not limited to email list servers, resource rooms, room reservations, and finances. This shall not be interpreted to restrict the ability of any faculty or staff member to publicize the dates and times of the General Election or to encourage voter participation in the General Election, provided that no suggestion is made to encourage voting for any specific candidate. Event reservations or services may be made and offered for tickets or candidates at cost of the service and must be made as if the groups were off-campus. Please contact the Gabriel Fonseca, Commission Advisor for further questions.

Election Rule Infraction Process

Any candidate or ticket who violates any section of the Election Statue or Univierstiy policy, may be sanctioned by the SGA Elections Commission. Any students, faculty or staff members, or community member may sumbit an infraction. To do so, please click here.


Any questions regarding SGA Election rules and regulations can be sent to Michael Brown, Chief Elections Commissioner and Amrutha Dasyam, Election Commissioner for Regulations at or to Gabriel Fonseca, Assistant Director of Student Involvement/SGA Advisor at



The Student Government Association Election Commission is responsible for the administration of the Student Government Association Elections, as well as the administration of additional events at the discretion of the Election Commission that aim to promote the elections, inform the student body about the elections, provide the candidates with information, allow candidates an opportunity to promote themselves, or otherwise contribute to a fair, efficient, and publicized elections.