It's Time to Rock the Vote


WICHITA, KANSAS (April 1, 2019)- After over two months of the election season, game day is finally here! The Wichita State University Student Government Association Elections Commission encourages you to exercise your right and Rock the Vote in the 2019 General Election.

Rock the Vote

According to Statue 003: The Association’s Election, each member of the Association shall be allowed to cast one ballot. Each voter will have the opportunity to cast one vote:

  1. for one presidential ticket.
  2. one candidate for each At-Large Senator position contested in the General Election.
  3. one vote for one candidate for each Senator position contested in the General Election reserved for the College(s) in which the voter is enrolled.
  4. one vote in the affirmative or one vote in the negative for any Constitutional Amendment presented to the Association for approval and enactment or rejection.

What is on the Ballot?

This year’s General Election includes four Presidential and Vice Presidential Tickets, twenty-one senatorial candidates and two constitutional amendments. Voters will have a chance to vote for a candidate who is on the ballot, or vote for a write-in candidate.

Live Announcement

At the conclusion of the General Election, we encourage you to join the us for the Live Announcement on Wednesday, April 3rd at 5:30pm in the RSC Bluestem Lounge or live on the SGA Facebook.

Any questions regarding SGA Elections can be sent to Michael Brown, Chief Elections Commissioner at and to Gabriel Fonseca, Assistant Director of Student Involvement/SGA Advisor at


The Student Government Association Election Commission is responsible for the administration of the Student Government Association Elections, as well as the administration of additional events at the discretion of the Election Commission that aim to promote the elections, inform the student body about the elections, provide the candidates with information, allow candidates an opportunity to promote themselves, or otherwise contribute to a fair, efficient, and publicized elections.