The SGA Elections Commissions certifies Candidates for 2022 General Election


Wichita, Kansas – With a unanimous vote, the SGA Elections Commission has formally certified the following candidates for the 2022 General Election:

Student Body President and Student Body Vice President

Olivia Gallegos and Mitchel Adamson, Recharge


Business Senator (4 seats): Trinity Soderstrom, Jecinda Whittker

Engineering Senator (4 seats): Cole Anderson, Jay Thompson, Lizzie Koonce, Cade Anderson, Zane Berry, Brayden Schmidt

Fine Arts Senator (2 Seats): Nathan Rongish, Holly C Brizendine

Graduate Senator (4 seats): Maneesha Reddy Deva, Clarence Albury, Balaji Kartikeyan Chandrasekaran

Health Professions Senator (3 seats): Olga Lesnik, Taygen Altenburg

Honors Senator (2 seats): Allison Witherspoon, Jared Amborski

Liberal Arts and Sciences Senator (4 Seats): Luck Su, Dalton Dicks, Victoria Owens, Mackenzie Lane

Underserved Senator (8 Seats): Ashleigh Tarver, Rondalee Winship

International Senator (3 Seats): Guo "Rex" Hao Teh, Naga Kowshik Mocharla

Applied Studies Senator (4 seats): No Candidates declared for Office

Out of State Senator (2 seats): No Candidates declared for Office

Returning Adults (2 Seats): Mark Barlow, Chris Harris

Military and Veteran Senator (2 Seats): Elaine Bethel

At-Large Senator (16 Seats): Andruw Hoopes, John Kirk, Jacob Unruh, Nicholas Harmon, Kian Williams, Adriana Owens, Jasmine Peng

Opportunity for Write In Candidates

A write-in candidate is a member of the Association whose name does not appear on the ballot, but for whom voters may vote nonetheless by writing in the person's name. Any write-in candidate who does not meet the qualifications outlined for holding office will be disqualified and/or removed by the Election Commission. To write someone into the ballot, voters will need to write in the name of the person they wish to "Write-In" line on the ballot.

The General Election

The Election is set to take place on April 4-6. Ballots will be emailed to all students to vote.


The Wichita State University Student Government Association is the official governing body of all 16,000 students at Wichita State University. The Student Government recognizes student organizations, oversees the Student Services Fees, and represents students to WSU faculty, staff, and administrators, local, state and federal government entities. The Student Government Association celebrates 110 years of advocacy during the 64th session living out our motto that “Students Come First!”