Student Body President Olivia Gallegos Signs Executive Orders Reinstating the Freshman Leadership Council, Creating Leadership and Engagement Director Role

Wichita, Kansas- On July 29th, Student Body President Olivia Gallegos signed two Executive Orders that will increase the range and application of student leadership roles on campus.

EO-65-020 reestablishes the Freshman Leadership Council, a council designed to engage first year students in student leadership as soon as they arrive at Wichita State. The council will be made up of 20-25 highly qualified freshman, including currently serving freshman Senators in the Student Senate, who will craft legislation, attend and host events, and act as advocates of the Freshman class within the Student Government Association. Interested students may apply online by visiting, until all seats are filled via subsequent appointments.

EO-65-021 creates the role of Leadership and Engagement Director. This role will be filled by an upperclassman who can fulfill any organizational needs of the Executive Branch, and provide direction to and actively participate in the aforementioned Freshman Leadership Council.

The parties listed will be advised by a member of the Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership Staff, to be appointed by the Director of Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership and SGA Advisor.