Student Body President John Kirk Publishes Full Presidential Platform “United as One”

Wichita, KS- Student Body President John Kirk has published his full platform for the 65th Session, broken down into 15 points of action and interest.  

Kirk stated that he drew the inspiration for the platform’s title, “United as One”, from a song he sang as a member of the WSU Concert Chorale, “All is One”, with the message behind the music being “you sing as one, we are united as one, and we come together to effectively achieve the same goal.” 

United as One’s 15 Platform Points/Policy Goals are: 

Investing in Free Menstrual Products  

  • Developing a plan to secure funding for placing them in all campus restrooms 

Robust Sustainability Efforts 

  • Ensuring we are effectively recycling and exploring other efforts on campus 

Robust Parking Solutions 

  • Exploring the option of making the Rhatigan parking garage levels 2-3 available for student parking, looking into a “Parking Pass Plus” option to expand student options on campus, and observing the placement of red parking spaces. 

Creation of New Agencies 

  • A Student Government Agency is defined under Article VI of the SGA Bylaws, being “an entity within Student Government Association and is defined as an organization in which the primary mission is to perform services that are of direct immediate benefit to the student body and to the community of Wichita State University by promoting the mission of Student Government.” These agencies are most often student groups with access to additional SGA assistance for the promotion of campus prosperity. President Kirk is seeking out groups which would be a good fit for this, especially out of Sorority and Fraternity Life. 

Athletic Engagement 

  • Getting the SGA more involved with our active campus athletics. 

Expand Education on SGA 

  • Create graphics, informational materials and other work that helps the student body know about SGA 

Outreach and Constructive Base 

  • Interacting with campus life and seeking any improvements or feedback 

Food Insecurity + Advancements of the Locker 

  • Move forward with bringing a Farmer’s Market to campus, and giving additional support to the Shocker Support Locker 

Review Organization Appropriations 

  • Looking at, and potentially reorganizing, the appropriations process to make it smoother, as well as potentially negotiating the dollar amount available. 

Enhance SGA’s Student Organization and Engagement 

  • Actively seeking more feedback from the students and doing organic outreach to student groups 

Reestablish the Major Events Fund 

  • The Major Events Fund was a fund which allowed the SGA to create two large events on campus for the students each year. President Kirk seeks to revive that initiative. 

Invest in Financial Literacy 

  • Helping students and potentially creating resources to help them with their personal finances 

Invest in the Freshman Leadership Council 

  • Growing the newly reestablished Freshman Leadership Council and having at least one service/one outreaching event a semester. 

Rhatigan Student Center Renovation Project 

  • The RSC bond is almost up, and President Kirk seeks to reignite conversation about renewing it for the next stage of Renovation. 

Wilner Auditorium Renovation 

  • As conversations about the Rhatigan Renovation Project continue, President Kirk seeks to include Wilner Auditorium in that project. 

An interactive list of President Kirk’s platform points has been added to the SGA website, found here. 

This webpage will be updated throughout the session as different goals are accomplished so that students can continually check on the progress of the Executive Branch.