Student Body President Olivia Gallegos to Resign as Student Body President, Vice President Adamson to Succeed

Wichita, Kansas- Effective August 22nd at 12:00PM, Student Body President Olivia Gallegos has resigned from the position of President citing personal reasons.

In her resignation letter, Gallegos stated:

“It has been the honor of a lifetime serving two terms in the Senate and as President of the Association,” and, “I look forward to seeing the University continue to grow on and ever upward.”

Vice President Adamson has stated his willingness to take on the office of President, and expressed that he does “still believe in the message of our campaign”, while hoping to add a new range to his platform.

Along with the 4 points the Gallegos/Adamson campaign ran on, being Transparency, Financial Literacy, Mental Health, and Safety, Adamson intends to add a fifth point, summarized as “Authority”.

While in office, Adamson intends to advocate for a sharing of executive authority with different members of the cabinet, as well as increased cooperation with the legislature, to expedite action that the students want to happen. 

Adamson will be sworn into office today in the SGA Office at 12pm. Chief Justice Butler will officiate the Oath of Office.