SGA moves to address shortfall in Student Fees Budget


Wichita, Kansas – In response to the decision made by the Kansas Board of Regents during their last meeting in June, SGA is moving to re-balance the SGA Student Services Fees account and allocations. Today, Student Body President Rija Khan has signed two new Executive Orders to address the financial issues of the Student Fees budget: 

EO-64-007 directs the Treasurer of the Association to authorize Chapter 11 actions. According to the Mandatory Student Fees Statute, the annual budget that is approved by Senate must be balanced. Chapter 11 authorizes the Treasurer to adjust the allocation that was approved in order to ensure that the budget and expenses are both balanced. To do this, the Order requires that a working group of SGA members and University administrators is put together to assist the Treasurer to make a recommendation to the Senate for approval.  

EO-64-008 was issued directing the Student Senate to return to Session on Wednesday, July 14th at 6:30p.m. to address the Student Fees Budget proposal. For the recommendations of the Treasurer to take place, the full Student Senate must approve the recommendations. President Khan and Speaker Tubach believe the best course of action is to address these cuts now instead of waiting until general session resumes in August.  

 During the annual Student Fees process last year, SGA approved a 1% increase to the fees or $4.07. With a savings from the RSC Bond, SGA re-allocated those dollars to keep any possible increase minimum. The recent decisions of the Kansas Board of Regents reduced the approved SGA Student Services Fee from $406.85 (from fiscal year 2021) to $395.08 (for fiscal year 2022). While this is a savings for students of $15.84 for those in tier 1, the possible reduction of services is problematic as SGA moves to ensure that the student experience is not detrimentally impacted.  


The Wichita State University Student Government Association is the official governing body of all 16,000 students at Wichita State University. The Student Government recognizes student organizations, oversees the Student Services Fees, and represents students to WSU faculty, staff, and administrators, local, state and federal government entities. The Student Government Association celebrates 110 years of advocacy during the 64th session living out our motto that “Students Come First!” 


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