Student Body President Rija Khan signs four significant Executive Orders


Wichita, Kansas - On June 21, 2021, Student Body President Rija Khan signed four significant executive orders that include the creation of two major taskforces, and appointments to University Committees

Executive Order 64-004 addresses the concerns expressed by members of the Association regarding the regulations pertaining to the annual Elections of the Association to elect members to the Student Government. This EO directs the Chief of Staff to assemble a task force to review, and if necessary, make unbiased, recommendations to Article X to ensure that our elections remain free and fair for all members of the Association.

Executive Order 64-005 works to ensure that the Student Government maintains the necessary trust and confidence from members of the Association, and that all elected or appointed Officials are serving with the highest level of civility and decorum through the establishment of a Code of Ethics. This EO directs the Student Advocate to assemble and chair a task force to review, assess and develop a Code of Ethics to be proposed to the Senate for consideration later this fall.

Executive Order 64-009 and 010 appoints members of the Student Government Association to university committees. This EO ensures that student representatives take on active roles on university advisory boards and committees in order to provide the best possible experience for the current student body and for the future of the university.

These executive orders are essential to maintaining an efficient and effective Student Government, advocating and representing the interest and needs of members of the Association.


The Wichita State University Student Government Association is the official governing body of all 16,000 students at Wichita State University. The Student Government recognizes student organizations, oversees the Student Services Fees, and represents students to WSU faculty, staff, and administrators, local, state and federal government entities. The Student Government Association celebrates 110 years of advocacy during the 64th session living out our motto that “Students Come First!”


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