President Khan welcomes and offers congratulations to the nominated members of the Kansas Board of Regents


Wichita, Kansas – On June 16, 2021, Governor Laura Kelly announced the appointments of Carl Ice, Dr. Cynthia Lane, and Wint Winter to be the next members to the Kansas Board of Regents.

The Kansas Board of Regents is a body consisting of nine members that governs six state universities in the U.S. state of Kansas. In addition to these six universities, it also supervises and coordinates nineteen community colleges, five technical colleges, six technical schools and a municipal university.

Rija Khan, the Student Body President at Wichita State University offered the following statement:

Congratulations to the three, newly appointed members of the Kansas Board of Regents. As Student Body President, I look forward to establishing a relationship with the three new appointments when they are confirmed to be Regents, where we can come together in this next year and fulfill the needs of our students at Wichita State University and across the system. I am excited to see what they will be bringing to the table and what direction they will take our institutions and higher education in Kansas.

Rija Khan is in her second term as Student Body President and recently served as Chair of the Student Advisory Committee for the Kansas Board of Regents.


The Wichita State University Student Government Association is the official governing body of all 16,000 students at Wichita State University. The Student Government recognizes student organizations, oversees the Student Services Fees, and represents students to WSU faculty, staff, and administrators, local, state and federal government entities. The Student Government Association celebrates 110 years of advocacy during the 64th session living out our motto that “Students Come First!”


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