SGA To Host State of the Student Body Day of Events


Wichita, KS – On September 1st, 2021, the Student Government Association will be holding a special day of events to celebrate our annual State of the Student Body Address. This day will include free donuts and coffee with SGA in the morning, free Kona Ice Truck in the afternoon, and the State of the Student Body Address in the evening with refreshments and mingling following the address.

This session kicks off a new initiative of “Bringing SGA to YOU”, all students, staff, faculty, and other supporters of the university are encouraged to join in on these special events throughout the day. This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet the members of SGA and learn the roles they play in serving and advocating for the student body. In addition, this is also the perfect chance for individuals to approach their student representative and voice their opinions on what can be done to better the student experience and the university. All SGA members are here to serve the students of Wichita State and are ready to listen so they know where they need to take action, and how.

Most importantly, by attending the State of the Student Body students, staff, faculty, and other supporters of the university will learn the goals of 64th session, President Khan and her cabinet, and Speaker Tubach and his leadership team, and how these goals will benefit those on campus. Following the evening Address, attendants are free to stick around for refreshments and mingling with members of the student government where they can discuss their thoughts about what the academic year will look like.

Again, we encourage all students, staff, faculty, and other supporters of the university to attend the special events throughout day. We look forward to seeing everyone and are excited to hear what we can do to better our university.

The Wichita State University Student Government Association is the official governing body of all 16,000 students at Wichita State University. The Student Government recognizes student organizations, oversees the Student Services Fees, and represents students to WSU faculty, staff, and administrators, local, state and federal government entities. The Student Government Association celebrates 110 years of advocacy during the 64th session living out our motto that “Students Come First!”


Contact: Itzia Barraza-Cόrdova,

Director of Public Relations |