Association Enters Into State of Emergency



Wichita, Kansas

            Following the passage of Senate Resolution-63-003: Declaration of an Association State of Emergency by the Student Senate, President Khan has issued Executive Order 003 on Thursday, May 28, officially declaring the Student Government Association to be in a State of Emergency and authorizing the formation of the Emergency Legislative Council; which will serve as the Acting Senate.

            The purpose of establishing a state of emergency is to ensure the Association stays in operation, in order to serve students through the Coronavirus pandemic. The mission of the Association is to put students first, especially now during times of crisis.

            As the Senate is not in session during the summer, quorum is not guaranteed at any meeting called to order to discuss and vote upon legislation. However, the formation of the Emergency Legislative Council allows for continued governance until the Fall 2020 semester.

            “Decisions will be made by a smaller group of people to ensure the continuous work of our student government,” said President Khan. “I will make certain that decisions will be made in the best interest of the student body by always addressing student concerns and questions.”  

David Garcia                                                                

Director of Public Relations

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