WSU's campus has loads of outdoor activity spaces for your family to explore.

Heskett Center Outdoor Recreation Complex

Located on the east side of the center, the Heskett Center Outdoor Recreation Complex has basketball, futsal and pickleball courts. The center also features the Kouri Parcourse outdoor exercise equipment pad near its front door.

NetApp Outdoor Recreation Space

The brand new NetApp Building on the southeast corner of campus has a public space on the east side of the building that features pickleball and basketball courts plus a pond with a lounging deck.

Sheldon Coleman Tennis Complex

This facility, located along 17th Street near Fairmount Street, features 8 tennis courts that are open to the public when Shocker tennis team activities or tournaments aren't under way.  

Steve Clark YMCA

The Steve Clark YMCA on WSU's campus is reciprocal with all other YMCAs in the area. If you're a Y member, you're in!

Hammock Lounge

The Hammock Lounge is a place for students, faculty, staff and visitors to hang out and relax. 

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Boats and Bikes

Located in the Shocker Rowing River Vista Boathouse, Boats and Bikes provides hourly trikke, scooter, bicycle, pedal boat, kayak and standup paddleboard rentals for those interested in exploring the Downtown River Corridor. Rowing lessons, season passes, group discounts and special event bookings are also available.

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Hammock lounge with Wu ShockImage Credit
The WSU Hammock Lounge is a great place to kick back and relax.