Boats and Bikes at River Vista

Boats and Bikes at River Vista is a kayak, paddle board, and bike rental company. Our aim is to bring new and exciting health and fitness activities to the downtown Wichita and Arkansas River area to promote the health and well-being of local and surrounding area residents, as well as visitors. We provide hourly, full day rentals, and season passes on our equipment, so no matter if you're pressed for time or you have all day, you have the opportunity to get out and do something fun and physical.

Operations will run from April through October.
Current hours of operation may be subject to change from time to time due to encumbering weather or special activities in the area at certain times. Hours of operations may also change to accommodate peak times and down times of the rental equipment. Please watch our social media outlets for daily schedules.


     additional half hour
$20 1st hour
Pedal Boats 
     additional half hour
$30 1st hour
Full Day Flatwater and Biking Activities $40 per person
Locker: 1/2 Day
     Full Day
Season Passes  
Kayak/SUP pass $100  
All Flatwater and Biking Activities $180  
Have your event with us!
Event Rentals (Team outings, birthdays, etc.) - Contact us for pricing.

 150 N McLean, Wichita, KS 67203 | (316) 265-9359