About Rowing

Rowing (or crew) is the sport of racing boats using oars. The oars are attached to the shells using oarlocks. Rowing is divided into two disciplines: sculling and sweep rowing. When sculling, each rower holds a pair of oars—one in each hand. When sweep rowing each rower holds a single oar with both hands. Athletes may compete in a variety of boat classes, ranging from single sculls, occupied by one person, to shells with two, four or eight rowers and a coxswain. Course types and formats vary in racing, but most championship level racing is conducted on calm water with courses 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) long. 

Rowing at Wichita State University is an independent varsity sport. The program has a lot to offer athletes, whether they are male or female

Rowing at Wichita State provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn a new sport. Students may choose to row recreationally with friends or may seek a challenge physically and mentally by rowing as a competitive student-athlete. Experience is not required. Although experience is always a bonus, few Shocker team members rowed prior to coming to WSU.

Once you make the commitment to row at Wichita State, the Shocker Coaching Staff will teach you the fundamentals and prepare you for an exciting year of racing. The fall season builds the foundation on which the spring season's success lies.

You can be part of the rich tradition!