In keeping with the spirit of openness and transparency, we've created this Trending Topics page to outline some of the most crucial topics facing the WSU community.

Morrison Hall

The search for the next president of Wichita State

On May 16, the Kansas Board of Regents appointed a committee to conduct a closed search for the next Wichita State University president following the death of President John Bardo in March. The committee consists of 20 members, including WSU staff, student leaders and partners from the community and local businesses. Steve Clark, chairman of Clark Investment Group, will chair the committee.

Trending topics

Student Wellness Center and YMCA

In 2020, a new Student Wellness Center and YMCA will open on campus. Benefits will include greatly expanded physical and mental health services, access to drop-in daycare, and upgraded fitness equipment and facilities.

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WSU entrance
Wichita State is requesting approval for a 1% tuition increase, which would be WSU’s lowest tuition percentage increase in at least 30 years. The increase amounts to $34 more a semester for an undergraduate taking 15 hours of courses, paying in-state tuition. Learn More
Virtual reality cave

Applied learning. Experience-based education. Student-centered instruction.

Regardless of what you call it, the approach to how we educate our students is transforming. Students benefit from a more hands-on approach to acquire the critical thinking skills needed to enter the workforce and be ready to make an impact.

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More topics of interest

Funding the business building

As promised, and with the approval of Interim President Andy Tompkins, Wichita State University announced Friday, April 26, a plan to move forward through budget reallocations and cuts to finance a new business building and begin to meet other academic facilities’ needs identified in the March 6 student infrastructure referendum.

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Public-private partnerships

Public-private partnerships, known as "P3s," are a well-established method for universities needing to secure alternative funding, and they are not new to higher education nor to Kansas. P3s are all around us, in research collaborations, bond financing, tax incentives and investments.

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Extending education to the military

A new partnership between Wichita State University and McConnell Air Force Base will provide military personnel the opportunity to work toward their bachelor's degree while on base. Those with a military ID can take courses toward seven undergraduate degrees. Each military student has the option to utilize the Tuition Assistance program offered by McConnell's Education Office.

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WSU Tech affiliation

Starting fall 2018, students were able to take advantage of the new affiliation between Wichita State University and WSU Tech – formerly known as Wichita Area Technical College.

While the two remain separate degree-granting institutions, the formalized affiliation now allows for more collaborative possibilities, as well as increased availability and quality of opportunities for students, while directly meeting the core workforce needs of the state.

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In 2017, we were approached by creators of a new private school about leasing space on campus for their startup school. The goal for their school is to challenge children to use critical thinking, creation, collaboration and innovation in their education. We were intrigued by the concept that would focus heavily on experience-based learning – a concept consistent with the mission of Wichita State.  

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WSU's tuition increase

With the rising costs of higher education and state funding still well below previous years, the university requested an increase in tuition for 2019 of 2.5 percent. Despite the increase, Wichita State still has the state's lowest tuition. 

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