Wichita State helps Kansas businesses thrive

Wichita State University prides itself on doing the right things for the right reasons, and everything we do is driven to help grow the communities we serve. 

One of those communities is our Kansas business community, the people who hire our graduates; and we’ve made it a priority to build our partnerships with them across the state to help them prosper. We have several ways of doing that. 

First, we develop robust curriculum and degree programs to prepare students for the careers of tomorrow. Some examples of initiatives that have grown from employer demands include:

Another way we help Kansas businesses is through applied learning.

Each of our degree programs has an applied learning requirement — whether that be research, internships or co-ops. Through applied learning, students train side by side with professionals so when they enter the job market, they’re ready to hit the ground running to help businesses succeed. 

Finally, there are partnerships and research.

Much of Wichita State’s research is driven by the needs of our partners, and we’ made remarkable breakthroughs that give them a competitive edge, or help industries create the products of tomorrow. 

These are just a sampling of our efforts to empower Kansas’ businesses and industries. It’s a priority for us because when Kansas businesses succeed, so does all of Wichita State University. 

The information on this page is accurate as of April 5, 2022.  Comment on this topic.