Wichita State's Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in Media Arts combines your creativity with the technical skills necessary for an engaging career in the video game, film or recording industries. As a Media Arts student, you have access to our technology-rich production facility—Shocker Studios—where you can hone your craft among peers, faculty, and industry professionals.


Turn your creativity into a career

Wichita State's School of Digital Arts transforms creative students into top-notch, tech-savvy visionaries. The state-of-the-art equipment housed in Shocker Studios prepares our graduates for careers in computer animation, video game design, animation, or filmmaking. Enroll now.


 Shocker Studios hallway

Shocker Studios

Grow professionally in our 35,000 sq ft production facility

  • Animation studio
  • Computer lab
  • Motion-capture studio
  • Film studios
  • Recording studios
  • Clay modeling studio
  • Design studio
  • Classrooms, meeting spaces and more

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Contact the School of Digital Arts director, Justin Rorabaugh, at 316-978-7731 or justin.rorabaugh@wichita.edu.

Media Arts Concentrations

Learn more about Acting for Digital Arts

Our Acting for Digital Arts students focus on film work, motion capture performance for animation and video games, voice work in audio productions, including audiobooks, podcasts, and voicing animated characters, as well as innovative technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

Learn more about animation major

Our animation program gives students the skills and techniques necessary to bring their artwork to life – and land their dream job. With classes ranging from Foundation Drawing and Digital Animation to Story Boarding and Rigging, students will develop a technological acumen, combined with design-thinking skills, to help them master their craft.

Learn more about audio production major

The audio production program brings some of the foundational music education elements into the modern-day paradigm of digital media. Students learn the skills of music theory and music literature, music business, electronic music production, and advanced editing and mastering.

Collaborative design
Media Arts’ collaborative design concentration is an interdisciplinary program that teaches the importance of cooperative efforts among creatives and designers. The program combines design thinking with elements from the other Media Arts concentrations, allowing students to tailor a degree to their unique interests. Graduates are ideal candidates to pursue a Master’s in Innovation Design.
Students in film making class

This program brings a high level of quality and design to the filmmaking process by teaching both on- and off-camera skills – from acting and principles of video to scriptwriting and lighting. Students in all of our media arts programs take part in at least three different practicum projects.

Game design

Students in game design learn how to work with a team to design characters, levels and storylines. Courses cover everything from the history of motion, sound and gaming to audio recording, figure drawing, animation, clay modeling, prop and character design, and advanced game design.

Front desk in Shocker Studios

Level up with an Undergraduate Certificates

Media Arts offers undergraduate certificates in animation, audio production, filmmaking and game design. Similar to a minor, certificates are a group of courses that address a special topic, equipping you with additional knowledge and skills that complement your major -- and your resumé.

See all WSU Undergraduate Arts Certificate Programs

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