Activation Teams (AcT) are the foundation of the strategic planning process at Wichita State University. Each AcT has been assigned one of the on-goals to critically review. Teams conducted a SWOT analysis, an asset map and hosted critical conversations related to their assigned goal. Teams reported their findings to the Strategic Planning Committee for review and consideration. Those same findings were shared at a Town Hall on May 2, 2019.

As the 2020 spring semester winds down, the committee is currently working to establish the objectives for the plan. These objectives will tie the initiatives to strategies and include some of the recommendations from the Presidential Taskforces for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Additional work involves the creation and design of publications or collateral materials. Look forward to a new university website and documents that share the message of our plan and university goals. This work is being led by a team in the Office of Strategic Communication.

As the campus plans to re-open this fall, hopes are to host a community-wide town hall to share the entire plan and provide a full accounting of our work. At that time the work of revising and updating the university strategic plan will pivot to reporting units and departmental plan integration.

AcT Descriptions (PDF)


APPLIED LEARNING: Guarantee an applied learning or research experience for every student by each academic program


John Perry, Associate Dean for Academic Operations and Undergraduate Programs, and Professor Chair

Michael Jorgensen, Chairperson and Associate Professor - Outgoing Chair


INTERDISCIPLINARY: Pioneer an educational experience for all that integrates interdisciplinary curricula across the university.


Mark Vermillion Chairperson and Professor - Chair

Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn ChairDirector & Associate Professor, School of Music - Outgoing-Chair

COMMUNITY & INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS: Capitalize systemically on relevant existing and emerging societal and economic trends that increase quality educational opportunities.


Clay StoldtAssociate Dean and Professor - Chair

Debra Fraser , Director and General Manager, KMUW - Outgoing Chair

INNOVATION: Accelerate the discovery, creation, and transfer of new knowledge


Tonya Witherspoon, Director, Commercial Ventures & Applied Innovation - Chair

Gary BrookingChair and Teaching Professor - Outgoing Chair

CAMPUS CULTURE: Empower students to create a campus culture and experience that meets their changing needs.


Bobby Berry, Human Performance Lab Manager & Clinical Educator - Chair

Bobby Gandu, Director, Undergraduate Admissions - Outgoing Chair

INCLUSION: Be a campus that reflects—in staff, faculty, and students—the evolving diversity of society.


Gery Markova - Associate Professor, Chair

Deanna Carrithers, Director of Operations, Diversity and Community Engagement - Outgoing Chair

ASSESSMENT/INCENTIVES/REWARD: Create a new model of assessment, incentive, and reward processes to accomplish our vision and goals.


John Dreifort - Professor & Graduate Coordinator - Chair

Judy EspinozaExecutive Director of Human Resources - Outgoing Chair