Meet Kitrina Miller, WSU student body president


Social work senior Kitrina Miller is the 2019-2020 student body president of Wichita State, and she has a few key ambitions for the university this year.

Her chief goals include improvements to student services, increasing information about student fees allocations and strengthening the Student Government Association (SGA) brand.

Kitrina represents students at numerous meetings with WSU staff, community partners and government officials.

Every month she attends Kansas Board of Regents meetings in Topeka, where she convenes with the student body presidents of all other Regents institutions to set policy on a state level.

Kitrina also guides the rest of SGA in creating legislation, and speaks for the association at public events.

SGA seeks to empower students to voice their opinions through campus committees and weekly public Senate meetings. It consists of three branches: executive (the president and her cabinet), legislative (the student senate) and judicial (the supreme court).

SGA oversees crucial campus initiatives such as the annual student fees allocation and the Shocker Support Locker food pantry.

The SGA office at Rhatigan Student Center 219 is open to all students, and SGA representatives are accessible at any time.

This week – Sept. 23-26 – is SGA Week, and includes a number of events like voter registration tables, the SGA Safety Walk and a talk from city council member Brandon Johnson about WSU students’ rights.

Watch this video to meet Kitrina and SGA.

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