Eligible Illinois students can soon pay in-state tuition to attend Wichita State University

  • Eligible Wichita State University students from Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma or Texas no longer have to pay out-of-state tuition to attend WSU
  • The Shocker Select program offers a 33 percent discount on out-of-state tuition to residents of Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Shocker Select students save about $5,900 each year.

Beginning fall 2022, eligible students from Illinois will be able to attend Wichita State University for the same cost as in-state tuition, a significant savings that will provide increased access and affordability to a growing number of students.

This is made possible through WSU’s Shocker Select program, which also provides in-state tuition to eligible students from Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

For the students, the program lowers the cost significantly from the traditional nonresident charges —they receive a 33% discount on nonresident tuition. Undergraduate students enrolled in the program for 15 credit hours per semester typically save more than $5,900 per year in tuition and fees compared to nonresident tuition rates.

To qualify for the program, students must complete and submit the admission application. After review of the student’s residency status and application, the discount is applied after the student is admitted.

"We know that affordability and value are paramount for families evaluating out-of-state college search options,” said Bobby Gandu, assistant vice president of Strategic Enrollment Management at Wichita State. “Wichita State is excited to offer Illinois students a new, straightforward tuition discount, which means more students can experience our reputable academic programs, world-class internship and applied learning opportunities and modern student engagement activities."

Shocker Select is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. More than 120 undergraduate applications have already been received for fall 2022 from Illinois residents. Additionally, residents specifically living in St. Louis, Illinois, will qualify for in-state tuition rates through another WSU tuition program, the Shocker City Partnership.

A long-term impact

“While enrollment from Kansas students continues to grow, Wichita State is teeming with fantastic options for out-of-state students to pursue higher education,” Gandu said.

Gandu says the expansion into Illinois can also potentially benefit the long-term workforce in the surrounding Kansas communities.

“Our university is laser-focused on connecting our students with every opportunity possible to gain real-world experience as students, ultimately preparing them to be active, immediate contributors to the Kansas workforce by the day they graduate from our campus. While some Shocker grads may not choose to remain in Kansas after their time at Wichita State, we know they will make us proud wherever their degree takes them."

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