About Us

Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is a high-technology research facility, designed with multiple integrated spaces to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching, research, and engagement.

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) at Wichita State University is dedicated to providing students majoring in Exercise Science within the Department of Human Performance Studies with the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and skills obtained during the educational process.  

To allow for this hands-on experience, the laboratory provides athletes of all ability levels, the Wichita community, and persons looking to begin a lifetime of exercise the ability to receive up-to-date evaluations and recommendations. These evaluations consist of examination of cardiovascular risk, biomechanical and motion analysis, fitness and training status, and guidance on how to improve and implement fitness and sport specific training into their lives.

The HPL also facilitates interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities through research, entrepreneurship, product development, and private industry projects. HPL promotes the integration of student learning with application to explore and address industry and societal needs associated with human exercise performance and fundamental human physiology in sport, exercise, and health.

Innovation & Vision

Unique to the HPL is the development and design of performance and health technologies. Since 2005,
the HPL is credited with assisting in the start-up of 30+ local and national companies. The HPL is also actively involved in industry and FDA regulation product validation research.

We are Different


Flexible Curriculum

We work hard to create the best, collaborative environment in which to study and work



Learn by Doing

With a research-learning model that educates, sparks entrepreneurial ideas, and promotes transformation

DARI motioncapture

Developing Leaders

By incorporating new technology into exercise and health performance, and working with community alliances