Testing & Screenings

For information regarding consulting on Health, Performance,
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Endurance Testing

(VO2max & lactate analysis) The testing is performed on a treadmill or cycle ergometer and provides a tool for training, racing, and overall fitness. We measure cardiovascular fitness directly with our metabolic cart (VO2max), lactate threshold/training zone determination directly via blood analysis.

Track Your Fitness Package

This package includes 3 tests. (VO2max, lactates, body composition, consult of the results)

Anaerobic Power Testing

Useful for athletes competing in short term power events. (Performed on the Peak Bike, gives estimate of your short-term, maximal exertion capability) 

General Fitness Testing

More info soon

DARI Assessment

Full body assessment of joint range of motion and risk of injury analysis.

DARI Advanced Biomechanical & Performance Assessment

Full body performance assessment. Includes joint by joint evaluation of vulnerability, mobility, stability and control measures with recommendations to reduce risk of injury and improve performance.

Jump Assessment

(vertical jump, horizontal jump, force-velocity profile, asymmetry test, repeated jumps) Useful for athletes competing in bounding events.

Body Composition

(skin folds; 9 sites for males/8 sites for females)

Cyclist Package

(2 visits within 1 week; visit 1 is VO2 with lactate analysis, visit 2 is time trial at threshold) Determines average power over distance, useful for cyclist and triathletes.

Balance/Postural Stability Evaluation

Biodex Balance System and/or develop SWAY profile