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Known as an unscripted movement, The Fuse is an outreach initiative within the College of Applied Studies here at Wichita State University. Bobby Berry, Director of The Fuse, provides dynamic opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members to collaborate and positively impact people's lives. According to Asst. Professor Berry, "Each semester, my team and I plan to use The Fuse as an avenue in which students are provided opportunities to not only give back, but also to challenge themselves, as well." 

Berry discussed The Fuse's place in education by noting, "My vision is to lead the change for a purpose driven educational experience. As the landscape of higher education continues to shift, there will always be a need for community engagement. My hope is through The Fuse we develop programming that prepares students to achieve their true passion, while providing the tools, opportunities, and options for individual growth."

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The Fuse is located within the College of Applied Studies (CAS) and offers partnerships, applied learning experiences, holistic educational opportunities, networking, and both personal and professional experiences. The Fuse is committed to impactful experience as exemplified in our Vision and Purpose Statement.

Vision:  Lead the change for a purpose-driven educational experience.

Purpose Statement: Develop programming that prepares and inspires students to achieve their true purpose and passion while providing the tools, opportunities and diverse programming options for them  

Core Values

We believe that an organization has to be grounded in the values that impact all decisions. The Fuse's core values guide both our long-term work and day-to-day initiatives, and include the following:

Community: We strive to build, develop, and foster community among all our stakeholders.

Integrity: We believe honesty, transparency, and true purpose should guide all that we do.

Growth: We support and encourage authentic personal and professional development for everyone associated with our group.

Passion: We strive to help all people find an educational experience that truly empowers and connects with each person.

Self-awareness: We recognize that understanding who and where you are is the first step in being able to lead or develop change.

Self-actualization: We believe that true individual development and satisfaction happens when you begin giving back to others.

Pillars of Impact

The Fuse is supported by four pillars of impact. These pillars support The Fuse's Vision, Purpose Statement, and Core Values by organizing initiatives and our work. The Pillars of Impact are service, programming, social (engagement), and education.

Service: This Pillar focuses on engaging community stakeholders through a variety of activities, which provide faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to create a lasting  positive impact on the society. The act of volunteerism enables all involved  the ability to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those in need.

Programming: This Pillar examines creative ways to deliver professional development programming with clear objectives and outcomes. Programs range from summer camps to mentoring workshops, all designed and tailored to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Social: This Pillar allows for intentional opportunities to bring individuals together with the purpose of having fun, creating lasting memories, and connecting with a diverse group of people. Each social event is done in partnership with another organization or department to foster collaboration and a culture of community.

Education: This Pillar focuses on learning opportunities for students and community members to enhance self-awareness, leadership, wellness, and critical thinking. Educational opportunities are achieved through in-person and online academic offerings worth college credit and/or certifications.

For more information on the Pillars of Impact or to connect directly with The Fuse's work, please contact Bobby Berry. 

Director's Story

Bobby Berry is an Assistant Professor within the College of Applied Studies (CAS). He works with the Workforce Leadership and Sport Management degree programs teaching courses on wellness, diversity, leadership, and supervises a variety of applied learning experiences for students.

Berry currently serves as a member of the First Gen Coordinating Council for the Wichita State University and sits on the President’s Diversity Council (PDC). In addition to being the Vice President of the African-American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA), Bobby is also the Director of Wellness and Engagement for Students in the College of Applied Studies. He serves as chair-elect for Campus Culture and is chair of the Diversity Task Force for the CAS.

Berry is passionate about helping individuals find and achieve their true purpose in life--through both education and giving back to others. 

Board Members

Like any great organization, there are a number of Board Members devoting both their time and talent in support of The Fuse's work. Board members include:

Kyle Ellison: Real Men Real Heroes, Community Board Member

Ricki Ellison: Undergraduate Advisor & Clinical Education, Sport Management

Tiffany Morgan: Budget & Records Specialist, College of Applied Studies

Tierney Mount: Licensure Officer and Workforce Leadership Undergraduate Advisor, College of Applied Studies

Andrew Myers: Assistant to the Dean, Scholarships and Records, College of Applied Studies

Jessica Newman: Assistant Teaching Professor, Elliott School of Communication

Mark Vermillion: Chair, Sport Management and Director, Workforce Leadership degree program

In addition to our Board Members, we have a number of Student Board Members that impact The Fuse's work on a day-to-day basis. These Student Board Members are as follows:

Joss Bathke: Sport Management major

Chase Biswell: Psychology major

Taylin Fox: Sport Management major

Elizabeth Guymon: Sport Management major


"Let's Talk About it" is the podcast brought to you by The Fuse. As the voice of an unscripted movement, "Let's Talk About it" will discuss topics that are timely and important to all students. The podcast features regular guests, informative experts, and a whole lot of fun hosted by Bobby Berry and Jessica Newman.

Latest Episode: It's Fuse Friday and we're launching another episode of the "Let's Talk About It" podcast. “Leadership” is one of the most often used, and possibly, the least understood term in businesses and organizations today. What does it mean to be a leader? Do you have to be in a position of authority to lead? What makes a good leader? Why is it even important?

“Let’s Talk About It” is tackling all of these questions by exploring the concept of leadership, as it exists on the Wichita State campus. Today we’re diving deep with three wonderful guests who practice leadership daily on our campus:
• Dr. Aleks Sternfield-Dunn – Director & Associate Professor in the WSU School of Music and WSU Faculty Senate President Wichita State University School of Music
• Dr. Voncella McCleary-Jones – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor in the WSU College of Health Professions Wichita State University - College of Health Professions
• Rija Khan – WSU Student Body President


Let's talk about it...

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