Our Purpose

The purpose of the Center for Educational Research and Evaluation Services (CRES) is to provide expertise and research infrastructure services and supports to WSU faculty, staff, students, and community partners. Additionally, CRES offers students applied learning opportunities where they can utilize the research skills and knowledge gained in their respective academic programs.

As a research operations center, CRES provides the following services and supports: 

  • SPSS/R troubleshooting and support
  • Statistical analysis support and consultation
  • Research proposal consultation
  • Qualitative and quantitative research consultation
  • Program evaluation (faculty, students, and local community partners)
  • Providing research home for grant-funded research projects (e.g., website, physical space)
  • Grant support for faculty, students, and community partners – CRES could be written into grants to provide data collection and analysis and outcomes assessments
  • Grant proposal development
  • Providing support to build research-practice partnerships (e.g., education agencies, community organizations)