Dr. Stephen Porter

Associate Professor of Marketing
Marketing Department Chair
Bill and Shelly Moore Faculty Fellow
W. Frank Barton School of Business

Classes Taught: I teach MKT 405: Consumer Behavior, MKT 608: Sales and Sales Force Management and MKT 609: Marketing Programs.

Marketing Research: My current research focuses on the health and wellness of sales people and the impact that sales manager coaching has on the overall quality of life and effectiveness of a salesperson. My research focuses on constructs that influence a salesperson - in a positive way - on a day-to-day basis.

Fun Facts: I am an avid (albeit poor) golfer and a strong fan of Shocker basketball.

Dr. Dean Headley

Associate Professor of Marketing
W. Frank Barton School of Business

Classes Taught: Primarily, I teach MKT 403: Marketing Research. I also teach MKT 803: Marketing Analysis in the graduate program. In past summer sessions, I have offered MKT 407: Services Marketing.

Marketing Research: For the past 25 years, I have written and published the Airline Quality Rating (airlinequalityrating.com) as part of my faculty research responsibility. The report is announced each year at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Media attention to the research is strong with national and international attention garnered for the University. The AQR is a great example of the need to connect faculty research to “real world” issues and practical benefits. The AQR is a great marketing tool since it is estimated that it annually produces what would otherwise cost $5 million+ in media exposure for the University.

Fun Facts: If you would like to talk fly fishing, I am your guy. I love to fly fish, and I make my own fly rods. Would be glad to give lessons on how to fly fish if anyone is interested. 

Dr. Roberta McKee

W. Frank Barton School of Business

Classes Taught: I teach MKT 300: Introduction to Marketing (online and traditional), MKT 404: Retail Management (online), MKT 405: Consumer Behavior (online and traditional), MKT 607: Promotion Management and MKT 609: Marketing Programs.

Marketing Involvement: I primarily am a “practitioner” of marketing rather than a researcher. I love the work of actually doing marketing. I enjoy working with clients of local businesses and non-profits to solve their marketing problems. In addition, some sample publications include two case studies in marketing published by the Marketing Education Association, the Nebraska Curriculum Handbook, and magazine articles in the area of Marketing Education. The impact of what I do is readily apparent. If I am working with an organization to better their marketing activities, most of the time there is an immediate reward for them. When I am working with students to help organizations, the reward is two-fold. I see organizations becoming better marketers, and I see students who are working on their project gaining from the opportunity to practice what they have been learning in school in the real world.

Fun Facts: I am a “gym rat.” I work out almost every day of the year doing things like weight training, bicycling, boot camp classes and anything physical that will get my heart rate up. Walking my dog also counts.

Dr. Charles Martin

Professor of Marketing
W. Frank Barton School of Business

Classes Taught: Primarily, I teach the capstone, MKT 609: Marketing Programs -- both traditional and online sections, depending on the semester. I've taught this course almost every year since 1985! I also teach the MBA MKT 801: Marketing Management course, typically twice a year. In the past, I've taught courses in Marketing Planning, Services Marketing, Sales Management, Marketing Research, Marketing Ethics and Relationship Marketing.

Marketing Research: I'm currently pursuing a couple of streams of research. First, is my forthcoming book series, Marketing FAME, which will be published annually beginning in 2016 or 2017 (launch date still tentative). The series highlights people and events throughout history that have contributed to the development and evolution of the practice of marketing. I am also writing a series of at least three papers pertaining to a variety of calendar-led marketing and calendar-led buyer behavior that, simply put, addresses the use of the calendar as a planning tool. I assert that the calendrical "period" should be considered as the 5th "P" of the marketing mix.

Fun Facts: Do you know that people often gravitate toward professions and interests that resemble our names? (e.g., a disproportionate number of dentists are named "Denise"). Not surprisingly then, note that two-thirds of "marketing" is "Martin," and the remaining third -- "keg" -- are the first three letters in the German word for bowling, which is my favorite sport (by the way I've written 173 articles about bowling marketing, as the former Marketing Editor of Bowlers Journal International). Still further, consider my research passion noted above regarding "calendar-led marketing" or CLM for short, which (coincidentally?) are also my initials. 

Dorothy Harpool

W. Frank Barton School of Business

Courses Taught: I teach the Introduction to Marketing class (MKT 300) and also the Consumer Behavior Class (MKT 405). In the past, I have also taught Promotion Management and Entrepreneurship courses.

Marketing Involvement: In addition to teaching Marketing Courses, I frequently teach professional development programs for the Barton School Center for Management Development in the areas of business communication, Emotional Intelligence, and maintaining positive attitudes at work. Another way I interact with the business community is through the Barton School's Center for Entrepreneurship Rural Entrepreneurship Certificate program. This program allows the Barton School to assist rural Kansas Entrepreneurs with building strong businesses. My role in the program is to assist these entrepreneurs with their advertising and promotion strategies. My contribution to the marketing discipline tends to be through training and education.

Fun Fact: I played on a national runner-up basketball team while a student at Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids Iowa. We finished second in the nation two years in a row!

Dr. Robert Ross

Associate Professor of Marketing
W. Frank Barton School of Business

Classes Taught: The primary courses that I teach are the introductory marketing classes (MKT 300), but I also teach MBA 801 which is the Marketing Management course offered as part of the graduate program.

Marketing Related Research: My major areas of academic research include consumer satisfaction, consumer loyalty, and effective college teaching styles and have published research in the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Product and Brand Management and the Journal of The Academy of Marketing Science.

Fun Fact: I proudly served my country as an officer in the United States Air Force, and have learned over the years that from that experience, I can share some pretty good stories. 

Esther Headley

W. Frank Barton School of Business

Classes Taught: I currently teach the introductory marketing classes (MKT 300).

Marketing Involvement: A few of my prior positions with WSU include Associate Director of Graduate Studies in Business and past president of the 10,000 member Wichita State University Alumni Association. As a key instructor/trainer with the Center for Management Development (CMD), I am also President of The Research Partnership, Inc., a local marketing research firm.

Fun Fact: In 2009, I was honored to receive the prestigious Wichita American Marketing Association award of Marketer of the Year.

Dr. Duane M. Nagel

Assistant Professor of Marketing
W. Frank Barton School of Business

Classes Taught: MKT 300: Introduction to Marketing, MKT 607: Promotions Management, MKT 690/890 Topics in Digital Marketing

Marketing Related Research: My academic research is currently focused on customer retention and expansion within recurring revenue models, with a specific focus on the implications of these activities on marketing strategy. Prior to joining academia, I worked in industry for 16 years. My work experience is predominately in brand management, marketing services, and retail/dealer marketing.

Fun Fact: If I could win one sporting event in the world, it would be the Masters. If I could only eat one type of food the rest of my life, it would be Tex-Mex.