Program Overview

The Widener Global Leaders Program (Widener-GLP) is designed to foster an inclusive community for women majoring in business, communication, or fine arts at Wichita State University. Through multidisciplinary learning experiences, networking opportunities, and mentorship from various top-level professionals, the Widener-GLP will propel participants to more powerful arenas within businesses and organizations worldwide.

The Widener-GLP supplies participants the opportunity to develop and enhance professional skills through a diverse set of educational experiences. Topics of study will be approached in a multidisciplinary fashion by incorporating business, communication, and music into the educational experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to develop business skills by practicing leadership, teamwork, networking, business etiquette, and other professional skills in a variety of settings. They will become more artistically aware and develop an appreciation of the fine arts. Additionally, they will build upon their cultural intelligence by interacting with diverse populations. Participants will develop a commitment to social responsibility through the learning modules and taking part in a service-learning project. 

Students selected to this complimentary program will be expected to commit to sessions starting in August ‘23 and will participate in the following opportunities:

  • Welcome dinner event - August

  • 8 Learning Modules - 4 each semester (Fall, Spring)

  • 3 Interactive field trip days with various companies facilitated by the faculty leads

  • Meet, interact with, and be mentored by various industry and community leaders

  • Widener-GLP Graduation, Showcase, and Celebration - May

  • Additional opportunities available: Professional Edge Seminars, exclusive opportunities offered by the Barton School of Business, networking events with board members and WSU community, one on one mentoring with WGLP Director and Dean of the Barton School of Business, Larisa Genin

Graduates will be asked to interact and network with future Widener-GLP  participants and potentially act as a peer mentors to foster community and learning.