Unveiling the Innovators: Meet the Dynamic Minds of the MID Cohort

We're at the halfway point of the fall semester, so it's high time we unveiled the stars of the show – the Fall 2023 cohort in our Masters of Innovation Design program. These extraordinary individuals aren't just riding the wave; they're the ones making them. Take a look at the multidisciplinary team we have assembled below!

Aiden at Fuzzy for Finals

From the vibrant landscapes of China, Aiden's academic journey has taken him through the realms of Industrial Design during his bachelor's and then into the world of multimedia management through an MBA. Previously, he worked as an International Student Recruiter, but now he's fully immersed in the Masters of Innovation Design program, driven by a relentless thirst for knowledge. Aiden aspires to harness the wealth of insights he gains from MID to steer a successful business venture in the future, making his educational journey a strategic investment in his entrepreneurial dreams.

A Wichita, KS native, who proudly calls Derby her hometown. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship, along with minors in Marketing and Management from Wichita State University, Amanda's educational background reflects her versatile skill set. Currently, she lends her creative talents as a Graphic Designer for a local business specializing in point of sale items for major beverage brands like Pepsi, Coke, and Dr Pepper. While her career path led her into graphic design, Amanda envisions a broader trajectory, with aspirations in UX or Product Design. The Masters of Innovation Design program at WSU stood out as the perfect platform to fuel this transition. With a combination of networking opportunities and cutting-edge education, Amanda sees it as the catalyst for her future success in the field of design. [Connect on LinkedIn]

Hailing from the vibrant city of San Antonio, Texas, brings a strong foundation in Physics, holding a Bachelor's degree in the field. Currently donning the hat of a Branch Chief and Project Owner, Christie is no stranger to leadership roles. However, her pursuit of the Masters of Innovation Design program stems from a desire to enhance her technical prowess, ultimately empowering her to lead her team with even greater expertise. With her determination and commitment to growth, Christie embodies the program's ethos of equipping leaders with the tools they need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and design.


Felipe in GoCreate prototyping a new bike
A Brazilian dynamo with a passion for engineering that knows no bounds. Armed with a background in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's in Aerospace Engineering, Felipe's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With a whopping 5 years at Embraer, followed by 6.5 years at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), and currently counting 2 years at Spirit AeroSystems, his career is a testament to his commitment to engineering excellence. What brings him to the Masters of Innovation Design program is a burning desire to acquire the tools and knowledge that will enable him to innovate and contribute even more effectively to the ever-evolving world of engineering. Felipe is a true embodiment of the program's mission to nurture the next generation of innovators. [Connect on LinkedIn]


Gautham at Fuzzy for Finals on the Patio
A design enthusiast hailing from India. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in design, Gautham has honed his skills in the field of robotics as a Design Engineer at Raibo Systems Pvt. Ltd. While his journey began in the mechanical realm, Gautham's passion for design has led him to explore the broader facets of this discipline, including the business and software aspects. The Masters of Innovation Design program has become his gateway to unlocking a wealth of knowledge in problem-solving, sustainability, and innovative applications such as 3D printing and metal welding. With gratitude in his heart, Gautham looks forward to delving deeper into app development and business intelligence, eager to expand his horizons in the coming semesters. [Connect on LinkedIn]

A shining star from the verdant landscapes of Oregon, USA. Megan's academic journey is a testament to her diverse talents, holding dual bachelor's degrees in Communication-Media Production and English-Creative Writing from Boise State University, complemented by a Film Studies certificate and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach certification. With nearly 7 years of professional experience in higher education, Megan has worn many hats across academic and student affairs areas. She embarked on this educational adventure with the Masters of Innovation Design program to elevate her already impressive problem-solving skills. With her creative spirit and a desire for growth, Megan looks forward to leveraging the program's versatility, flexibility, and collaborative environment to expand her horizons and discover new professional opportunities on the horizon. [Connect on LinkedIn]

A dynamic individual hailing from Boise, Idaho, USA. Nathan embarked on an academic journey that took him from Boise State University, where he delved into Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technology for three years, to Southern New Hampshire University, where he successfully earned a degree in Psychology in 2021. Currently serving as the Associate Director of Business Operations for Housing and Residence Life at Wichita State University, Nathan's path is one of diverse interests and aspirations. He joined the Masters of Innovation Design program to embrace the full spectrum of his unique passions, merging his love for game design with a keen fascination for applying game design principles to psychological and professional contexts. Nathan's quest extends to deepening his knowledge of design thinking, refining problem-solving skills, exploring entrepreneurship, and connecting with fellow innovators. In this program, he's set to unlock the potential of his ideas and contribute to the world of innovation. [Connect on LinkedIn]

Introducing Nick Vasilescu, a visionary hailing from Wichita, Kansas, with a rich immigrant heritage from Romania. Nick's academic journey has been nothing short of stellar, earning a Bachelor's degree in Pre-medical Biology through the Honors Program at Newman University. Today, he stands as the Founder of Testkey, a groundbreaking medical diagnostics startup that's on the cusp of transforming the healthcare landscape. Nick's decision to join the Masters of Innovation Design program is a strategic one, driven by his ardent desire to cultivate the skills and leadership acumen vital in the fast-paced world of startups. He believes that everything he learns in MID will directly and immediately enhance his work on Testkey, making his participation in the program a pivotal step towards entrepreneurial success. [Connect on LinkedIn]


Sierra Bonn in GoCreate with her book
From El Dorado, Kansas, her academic journey led her to a B.S. in Engineering Technology with a focus on Management and a minor in Anthropology, reflecting her diverse interests. Sierra's professional path is equally impressive, as she serves as the Founder and Executive Director of "Let's Go Full STEAM Ahead!" and carries the title of American Connection Corps Program Officer for Lead for America. Her choice to join the Masters of Innovation Design program stems from a profound love for learning and a desire to expand her horizons across various industries and thought processes. Sierra embodies the program's spirit of continuous growth and exploration. [Connect on LinkedIn]

A trailblazer from Iran with a unique journey in engineering and design. Armed with a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and a Master's in Automotive Engineering, Toomaj ventured into product design through a hands-on, experimental approach. Despite his educational background not being in design, he immersed himself in self-guided studies and projects, paving the way for a flourishing career as a product design engineer. Toomaj's decision to join the Masters of Innovation Design program reflects his insatiable curiosity and drive for knowledge. He envisions the program as a gateway to not only hone his technical design skills but also to delve into the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship. With the flexibility offered by MID, Toomaj is poised to turn his ideas into tangible realities and make a significant mark in the world of innovation. [Connect on LinkedIn]

A versatile force with roots in San Francisco and a heart in Wichita. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Business Quality Management and a treasure trove of certifications in IT and Computer Forensics, Troy's academic prowess is only a glimpse of his capabilities. Beyond the books, he dons many hats, juggling the roles of a dedicated husband and father to two, a Director for CFE, a serial entrepreneur, and even a City Councilman. Yet, amidst this bustling life, Troy still finds time for his passions, be it acing the disc golf course, crafting code as a programmer, or lending his expertise to various boards. His journey in the Masters of Innovation Design program stems from his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a profound desire to connect with like-minded, driven individuals – because Troy knows that when brilliant minds come together, the possibilities are boundless. [Connect on LinkedIn]


Yumi touring internship
From the heart of South America, Paraguay. Yumi's academic journey is as diverse as it is impressive, with an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering, specializing in Mechatronics. But that's not all; she's also a professional ballerina and a Traditional Paraguayan dance professor, showcasing her multifaceted talents. Yumi's career has seen her in the role of a Business Analyst at a global digital transformation company and, more significantly, as the co-founder of "Kuñatech," the Paraguayan Women in Technology Community, which empowers Paraguayan women in STEM fields and highlights their global contributions. Currently a full-time student with a GRA in the Small Business Digital Transformation Program, Yumi's choice to join the Masters of Innovation Design program is fueled by her boundless passion for learning and her desire to leverage knowledge for community enrichment. She believes the program will open doors for collaboration and innovation, enabling her to make a meaningful impact on the world around her. [Connect on LinkedIn]

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