Shocker Success Center workshop participants and Doug Stucky from the College of Innovation and Design


The new Shocker Success Center (formerly Clinton Hall) is still a year from opening, but to start building the culture seventeen of the departments met as a whole for the first time on Monday, June 19th. The workshop,  facilitated by Doug Stucky and Kristyn Waits of the College of Innovation and Design, utilized design thinking exercises to assist participants in envisioning a shared future and planning for additional collaborations ahead of the big move in summer 2024.


Shocker Success Center workshop participants and Doug Stucky from the College of Innovation and Design


Workshop participants split into small groups of 4-5 people from different departments. They began the day by reviewing the scenario maps they created as prework to the workshop, revealing the steps students and their staff take to find their service, complete their service, what happens after the service is complete, and more. This step helped align teams and provide better insights into what each person in their small group does on a day-to-day basis, as well as the big picture for their department.


Shocker Success Center workshop participants voting for the top principles and Doug Stucky from the College of Innovation and Design

After a handful of exercises that focused on what each organization stands for and represents , the groups focused on developing core principles that would serve as a guide for all departments within the Shocker Success Center. Once the principles were narrowed down and collectively discussed and voted, the groups developed ways to further instill the principles through collaborative initiatives. The workshop left participants feeling more connected, less anxious, and energized for the future. It fostered unity, cross-departmental relationships, and a sense of shared responsibility.


Shocker Success Center department representatives and Kristyn Waits from the College of Innovation and Design


This Shocker Success Center Workshop was a resounding success, bringing together the majority of the different departments that will be moving into the same space from Wichita State University to design the culture of the new building. Through empathy maps, scenario maps, activity ideation, and next steps discussions, participants gained valuable insights and generated innovative ideas to shape the future of the Shocker Success Center. The workshop strengthened a sense of connection and anticipation among the departments, paving the way for a vibrant and collaborative community in the shared building. As summer 2024 approaches, the WSU campus eagerly awaits the realization of this exciting vision.

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