Design Meets AI: The Tale of the Future

Design is our everyday superhero, quietly working behind the scenes. Since I was a child, I've always been fascinated by the design of our universe. My passion for design led me to become a mechanical engineer and, later, a Design Engineer for Robotics.


Gautham at orientation for the MID program

Starting my journey at WSU, I delved into the world of Innovation Design, kicking off my first semester with the coolest combo ever: Design Thinking and Sustainability classes. Learning Design thinking methodologies and their impacts on an organizational perspective Under the guidance of our genius Prof Mr. Doug was exceptional. Shoutout to our Mastermind Prof Maggie for making sustainability and Agile methodologies the coolest subjects ever. Visiting a dairy farm and understanding how crucial it is for companies to go green gave us a realtime perspective on these struggles and challenges & it was an eye-opener.

Gautham playing his hand crafted game

Coming to my favorite subject – prototyping! With Professor Kristyn, the rockstar of our CID crew, it was like a playground for my wildest ideas. Developing a board game called Exodus 4EL, based on the four elements of earth and Egyptian gods, using skills like engraving, wood cutting, resin 3D printing, and metals was the best experience. And my Agile software development class with Prof Maggie was a game-changer for me personally. Learning coding like a boss – HTML, JS, CSS etc – and using those skills to create several websites and tools during the class and also recreating official Apple website, developing an object recognition tool for my project were the icing on the cake.

While working through all these innovative subjects, it gave me knowledge on how advanced AI is getting and I started my research on how significant its impact is on Design. During my research I was fascinated to know how AI is being used by many companies to maximize their innovation.

  • Google's Magenta, an open-source research project exploring how AI can be used for music and art generation.
  • Adobe and Framer adapt and learn from user interactions, creating interfaces that intuitively respond to individual preferences.
  • Generative design tools like Autodesk, in architecture, AI algorithms analyze vast datasets to optimize building designs for energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • IBM's Watson (AI) analyzes diverse datasets to inform design decisions, helping creators anticipate user needs and preferences.
  • Brands Nike and Adidas are using AI to analyze fashion trends, historical design data, and customer preferences to provide insights and suggestions to designers.

These references have significantly expanded the potential possibilities for my Project ID 841, providing great insights into strategic AI integration for best efficiency. I began working on my own idea for the project, which I named Project HydraHold. The goal is to engineer a device that is capable of real-time water generation, employing theoretical frameworks rooted in both condensation and chemical reactions. Furthermore, the device will necessitate an intricate AI system to function these multifaceted operations seamlessly.

While these initiatives are still in progress, they've given a great opportunity for me to dive into my own projects and immerse myself in the latest tech and methodologies in the current global landscape. While having our Captain Jeremy as advisor, with the weekly meetings and team collabs, It's a chance for hands-on experience with cutting-edge trends. And definitely looking forward to making progress on my projects, as well as attending the forthcoming CES 2024 in Los Angeles with my awesome team.

Cheers to our fun-filled hustle!

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