NASA/WSU Experiential Aeronautics Fellowship (EAF)

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EAF Background

Wichita State University (WSU) has a proud heritage of working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Indeed, WSU is well known for its aeronautics expertise. This fellowship provides an opportunity for an outstanding student to gain valuable experience working specifically in aeronautics (the first “A” in NASA).

EAF Goals

WSU/NASA Experiential Aeronautics Fellowship (EAF) program goals include:

  • Engaging a highly motivated, mature, and qualified student in aeronautics research.
  • Providing meaningful and relevant hands-on experiences.
  • Inspiring and cultivating a student to successfully pursue an aeronautics career.

EAF Details

Important information about the WSU/NASA EAF program opportunity is as follows:

  • Only US citizens (a NASA requirement) and full-time Aerospace Engineering (AE) students are eligible.
  • Applicants are competitively evaluated based principally on maturity, motivation, and potential.
  • Applicants must be AE juniors, seniors, or graduate students currently enrolled and in good standing.
  • The participant will dedicate at least 20 hours per week working closely with an approved researcher on aeronautics related research, focusing on innovation and generating measurable results that contribute to NASA's science and technology goals.
  • The pay will be at least $10/hour.Only US citizens and full-time Aerospace Engineering students are eligible.

EAF Application

Click here to download application and related information. Click here to download a flyer for the EAF opportunity.

Submissions are due by noon November 21st, 2017.