Advising FAQs for Undergraduate Students

I'm an AE major, but I don't know who my Faculty Advisor is; how do I find out?

There are two ways to find out who your Faculty Advisor is - you can check online in your myWSU portal under the myClasses page or contact the AE office (WH 200 or 316-978-6334).

myWSU Portal

Can I do advising by email or over the phone?

Sorry, students are required to meet in person with their Faculty Advisor. Visit the following AE webpage for details on advising and registration procedures.

Current Students Advising

I'm a new WSU transfer student, with more than 15-hours of prior university credit, how do I register for classes?

Contact or visit the AE office (Wallace Hall room 200, 316-978-3410), we will help you.

Can I still use an extra math class to meet both Engineering+ and AE Technical Elective requirements?

Yes, you can get Engineering+ credit using a math AE Technical Elective. However, the Math department will not allow you to count a class toward a Math Minor if it is also used as an AE Technical Elective.

Why are courses I took at another university, which I think should transfer to WSU, not showing up in my online MyWSU records?

It can take time for the university to fully determine the transfer equivalence of courses (please be patient) or the courses are not actually equivalent. Contact the AE Academic Success Advisor (Angela Blackerby, by email or call 316-978-6363) for further information and help.

I sent my Faculty Advisor an email to schedule an advising meeting yesterday and they have not responded yet. What do I do?

Keep in mind faculty get lots of email (especially near the end of semesters) and they may not respond immediately to each message. Please contact the AE Chairperson, Dr. Suresh Keshavanarayana, if your faculty advisor does not respond within five (5) school days.

I sent my advisor an email requesting an advising meeting tomorrow. They can't meet until next week. What do I do?

Keep in mind that advisors have a number of students to help (especially near the end of a semester). Scheduling a meeting quickly may not be possible. You should contact your advisor with the expectation that an advising meeting will be scheduled about a week later.

The class I need, to graduate on-time, is full. What do I do?

Be sure to get on the course's waiting list immediately. Seats often open people on the list will be invited to enroll.

Can I request an advising meeting for the next semester even before the new schedule of courses is released?

Yes, the AE department will do advising early! This is a great way to beat the rush (by less prepared students) and to enroll in classes as soon as registration opens.

Can I go to WSU OneStop or the Engineering Student Sucess Center (ESSC) for advising and registration clearance instead of the AE department?

OneStop or the ESSC will simply send you to the AE department. In short, to save time be sure to follow AE department advising and registration clearance processes and procedures (see the AE web site's Advising & Registration section for more details).