Advisory Board Prospectus



The Engineering Technology Advisory Board is a select group of leaders from industry, government agencies, academia and the profession representing our stakeholders. This board as an advisory body for the department on matters of curricular enhancement to adapt to current trends in engineering technology education, performance assessment and accreditation, strategic direction of the department, research initiatives, national/international visibility, and fundraising activities.


The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide guidance and support as the department fulfills its mission to be the recognized leader and program of choice in engineering technology at the local, state, and national levels.


The Advisory Board shall be composed of no less than 10 active voting members representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds. The individuals will be strong advocates of the department and strive to satisfy its mission and achieve its strategic goals. They should occupy positions which give them a global vision of their industries such that they can assist the department in understanding how engineering technology can serve the broad context of their enterprise. A mix of individuals from the manufacturing industry (OEM, and suppliers), service industry, consulting companies, health care industry, education, and other engineering technology programs who could provide advice to the department on long-range development, emerging technologies, and skills and knowledge required in the profession are desired.

Member Selection Process and Terms

Each department faculty member, a current board member or alumni of the department can nominate successful individuals with a strong technical background within complementary disciplines of the department, to become members of the board for a two-year term with possible reappointments. A staggered rotation of the membership of the Board will be established such that half of the new members will begin their term on the board each year. The advisory board will meet twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.


The advisory board is expected to:

  • be a strong advocate of the department,
  • assist in promoting program/industry interactions including plant tours, coop opportunities, senior design projects, class projects,
  • identify/assist in ways to create more scholarships for undergraduate students,
  • assist the department in the recruitment and placement of students,
  • be a supportive voice for the department with the university administration,
  • be actively involved with the assessment/accreditation process,
  • assist in making the alumni and employer survey better,
  • provide feedback on the self-study report,
  • be involved during the ABET accreditation process,
  • review and provide feedback on the assessment results,
  • be actively involved with the long term continuous improvement process of the department,
  • be involved with long term program development,
  • help with making program curriculum a more effective, current and dynamic one that responds to the general needs of the industry,
  • identify/propose emerging areas or areas of great need by the industry.


Sam Alva - Convergit

Michael Bane - UPS

Laura Bernstorf - Airbus

Brian Brown - NIAR

Julie Cannizzo - Goddard Public Schools

Greg Crown - SmashDev

Thomas Ensz - FBI

Darren Fair - Textron

Bruce Fritz - WSU Tech

Marla Hayden - USD 259

John Huffman - Spirit AeroSystems

Sandy Jessop - AirXcel Industries

Ted Kalthoff - Spirit AeroSystems

Heath Koehler - IFMA

Michael Letter - Airbus

Greg Molina - UPS

PJ Reilly - USD 259

Curtis Richardson - Spirit AeroSystems

Tony Sanders - TEC

Joshua Saxe - Sphops

Jeffrey Westeman - Black Anvil Group

Mel Whiteside - Butler Community College