Photo of Janet Twomey

Janet Twomey

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Ph: (316) 978-5908
fax: (316) 978-3742


Former NSF Program Officer: Manufacturing Enterprise Systems
NSF CAREER Award: Neural Network Strategy for Machining when Data is Sparse

Research Areas: Technology for Environmental Sustainability, Intelligent Computational Methods, Industrial Sustainability

Current Projects:

  • "NSF Sustainable Energy Pathways Program: Collaborative: Achieving a Sustainable Energy Pathway for Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing,"
    Niezrecki (University of Massachusetts, Lowell) and Twomey (PIs)
  • "NSF EAGER: Energy in Healthcare,” NSF, Twomey, PI.
  • "Workshop: Energy/Materials Dimensions of Engineering in Evidence-Based Healthcare," Twomey and Overcash (PIs), NSF.
  • “Wind energy and Sustainable Energy Solutions”; Twomey and Overcash (PIs); DOE.
  • “NSF US-Egypt Cooperation: International Workshop on Wind Energy Development,” Cairo, Egypt March 23-25, 2010, Pipattanasomporn (VA Tech), and Twomey (PIs), NSF.
  • “Kansas NSF EPSCoR Center for Solar Energy Research,” NSF EPSCoR, Twomey and Overcash (CoPIs), NSF EPSCoR.