Advising & Registration Procedures for All Mechanical Engineering Students

The College of Engineering believes that student academic advising is important to the success of every engineering student. Each semester, students must meet with a college representative to plan their upcoming semester schedule and register in courses.This page provides information on advising and registration procedures for current undergraduate Mechanical Engineering (ME) students.

First Year students admitted directly from high school:

    • Note: First-year students admitted directly out of high school receive advising and registration help from First year advisors in the OneStop Student Services office.

Current Mechanical Engineering department Undergraduates (usually sophomores, juniors, and seniors):

ME department procedures for advising and registration are outlined as follows:

  1. Find out who is your advisor.  You may only receive advising from your listed advisor. To find your advisor:  Go to your 'myWSU' page.  Then go to 'myClasses' page.  Check to be sure you are on the correct semester when looking for your advisor.
  2. Schedule an advising meeting with your advisor by email. 
  3. Reach out to Shelby Berry, our ME Student Academic Success Advisor, to make an appointment.
  4. Other students will meet with their faculty advisor. Click here to find all of the faculty advisor`s info.
  5. Seniors--Important Notes:   Senior Checks should be done the semester before you enroll in ME 662, and are done with Dr. T.S. Ravi, Department Chair.  His walk-in office hours for students are Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00am-1:00pm.
    Also, ME 662 is a last semester class.  If you are enrolling in ME 662, you need to complete an Application for Degree (AFD), via the link in your myWSU portal.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students:

Please email Dr. Ahmed, our graduate coordinator, regarding your advising questions or speak with your supervising faculty. 

Schedule your advising meeting as soon as classes open for preview for the next semester! Don't wait until the last minute! Advising and enrollment options diminish quickly!

Feel free to contact the ME office if you have questions at 316-978-3402.