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Shuang Gu

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount St
Wichita KS 67260-0133

Phone: (316) 978-6213
Fax: (316) 978-3236

Campus Address: EB 101H
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Research group : Thermal/Fluid Science


  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, 2008
  • B.E. in Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, 2000

Brief biography

Dr. Shuang Gu joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Wichita State University as an Assistant Professor in 2015 fall, right after his three-year appointment as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at University of Delaware (UD) (2012−2015).

Dr. Gu received his Ph.D. training from both Dalian University of Technology (DUT) with advisor Prof. Gaohong He and University of California – Riverside (UCR) with advisor Prof. Yushan Yan, and he earned his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering in 2008 from DUT. After his Ph.D. training and before his appointment as a Research Assistant Professor, Dr. Gu worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher first at UCR (2008−2011) and then at UD (2011−2012).

Dr. Gu's research has focused on 1) advanced polymer electrolytes for fuel cells, and 2) novel cell designs for flow batteries. Currently, Dr. Gu is holding 14 granted/pending patents, and he has published 45 journal articles (15 first-authored). As of Sep 1, 2015, his 37 SCI papers have received over 1,000 cations (h-index = 15).

Research interests

  • Advanced ion-conducting polymer electrolytes for electrochemical applications
  • Novel cell designs for high-performance and low-cost redox-flow batteries
  • Nonaqueous anion-exchange membranes and nonaqueous redox-flow batteries
  • Electrochemical activation of natural gas for liquid-fuel production
  • Electrochemical reduction of nitrogen gas for green and sustainable agriculture

Teaching interests

  • Thermodynamics I (ME 398)
  • Thermodynamics II (ME 502)
  • Sustainability and Energy (ME750F)
  • Polymer Electrolytes
  • Electrochemical Devices

Selected publications

  1. K. Gong, Q.R. Fang, S. Gu*, S.F.Y. Li, and Y.S. Yan*, Nonaqueous redox-flow batteries: organic solvents, supporting electrolytes, and redox pairs, Energy Environ. Sci., 2015, In press. DOI: 10.1039/c5ee02341f.
  2. S. Gu, J.H. Wang, R.B., Kaspar, Q.R. Fang, B.Z. Zhang, E.B. Coughlin, and Y.S. Yan, Permethyl Cobaltocenium (Cp*2Co+) as an Ultra-Stable Cation for Polymer Hydroxide-Exchange Membranes, Sci. Rep., 2015, 5, Article No.: 11668.
  3. S. Gu*, K. Gong, E.Z. Yan, and Y.S. Yan*, A multiple ion-exchange membrane cell design for redox flow batteries, Energy Environ. Sci., 2014, 7, 2986−2998. (Back-Cover Picture, Highlighted by Chemical Engineering Process)
  4. S. Gu, R. Cai, and Y.S. Yan, Self-crosslinking for dimensionally stable and solvent-resistant quaternary phosphonium based hydroxide exchange membranes, Chem. Commun., 2011, 47, 2856−2858. (100+ Citations)
  5. S. Gu, R. Cai, T. Luo, M.W. Sun, Y. Liu, G.H. He, and Y.S. Yan, A soluble and highly conductive ionomer for high-performance hydroxide exchange membrane fuel cells, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2009, 48, 6499−6502. (Cover Picture, 200+ Citations)

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