Master of Science (MS) in Mechanical Engineering

The Master's program provides the students with an opportunity to advance their undergraduate education to a more mature level of understanding. It also provides them with an introduction to engineering research. An individual's curriculum can be designed to serve his/her specific needs and career objectives.

The areas of specialization at the Master's level are:

  1. Thermal/Fluid Engineering
  2. Mechanical Systems and Robotics/Control
  3. Materials Science and Engineering

Three Options are available in the Master's program:

This option requires a minimum of 24 hours of coursework, and a minimum of 6 hours of thesis. A final oral examination is required on thesis work.

Directed Project

This requires a minimum of 30 hours of coursework, and a minimum of 3 hours of directed project. In addition to a written report on the project, an oral presentation must be made.

Course Work

Based on a minimum of 33 hours of coursework. Candidates must pass a written exit examination before the MS degree can be granted.

Senior Rule Application

Dual Degree BS/MS Program in ME

MS Plan of Study

College of Engineering faculty member from outside Mechanical Engineering. A Plan of Study appropriate to the candidate's objectives following one of the above Options must be prepared within the first 12 credit hours of graduate coursework. At least 60 percent of the coursework in the Plan of Study must be at the 700 level or above. The exit Examination/Presentation should be arranged in consultation with the Committee and the Graduate Coordinator (see the Graduate Catalog for further details).