ME 662 Mechanical Engineering Practice Design Laboratory

Purpose of Laboratory

The Mechanical Engineering Practice Design Laboratory is a design and team-collaboration resource for the Capstone Design course, ME 662 Mechanical Engineering Practice.  Capstone projects are mostly industry sponsored with students combining their fundamental, applied and design expertise, and extending that expertise to professional codes and standards.

This course is taught in the Laboratory for Analysis and Design, which also accommodates industrial projects and making professional presentations for our industrial project sponsors. Also useful in these projects are an Internet-based telecommunication station and World Time Clock Suite, available for global collaboration as needed. This facility has also been used for hands-on design and analysis software workshops for the students.

Much of the senior design project work is done in group sessions utilizing the resources of the Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory and that of the WSU Tech, as shown in Figure B.6.2. Numerous reference materials are available through University Library Reserves, including specific analysis and reference texts, and DVD videos of current oral reports.