Current Students: Ph.D. / MSEE / Former Students


Suvagata Chakraborty
Suvagata Chakraborty currently working towards his Ph. D degree in Electrical Engineering at Wichita State University. He received his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Wichita State University. His research interest is to study the impact of communication and information layer on various power system planning and operation. He has academic background in reliability modelling, decision making and data management. He has a great interest in video games and spends his leisure time on online gaming. He believes our future is brighter when the grid is smarter.
Nimanthi Nandasriri
Nimanthi Nandasiri is currently pursuing her PhD in Electrical Engineering at Wichita State University. She received her MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Wichita State. Her research interest areas include Power economics & markets and power system operations. She is currently focusing on incremental pricing for Distributed Energy Resources to support retail market. She holds officer positions of IEEE chapter and IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu honor society at Wichita State.

Arun Kaarthick

Arun Kaarthick is an electrical engineering graduate student with power systems major. His research work focuses on integration of distributed generation to reduce the real power loss without significant deterioration in power quality. He spends his leisure time reading and listening political satire comedy.

Md. Rakib Ur Rahman

Md Rakib Ur Rahman (Rakib) graduated summa cum laude with a B.Sc degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) in 2012. He obtained a M.S. from Wichita State University in 2015.Rakib's general research area is Smart Grid. His research interests include Reliability, Electric Vehicles, Communications and Asset Management. He is a member in the IEEE - Eta Kappu Nu chapter on campus and former Graduate Senator in Student Government Association (SGA) and President of Bangladesh Student Association (BSA). He is also a car enthusiast and spend leisure time in video games.




Former Students


  1. Dr. Sachin Argade - Ph.D. Spring 2016 (Assistant Professor, IIIT-Pune, India)
    Dissertation: Stochastic Load and Renewable Resource Control For Smart Distribution System
  2. Dr. Mohammad Heidari - Ph.D. Spring 2018 (Assistant Professor, University of Alaska - Anchorage)
    Dissertation: Reliability Modeling and Data Analytics in Cyber Enabled Power Distribution Systems
  3. Dr. Satya Maddukuri - Ph.D. Fall 2018 

    Dissertation: A DC_DC Converter with High-Voltage Step-Up Ratio and Reduced-Voltage Stress for Renewable Energy Generation Systems

  4. Dr. Mojtaba Sepehry - Ph.D. Spring 2019 (Market Engineer - MISO)
    Dissertation: Microgrid Operation and Planning Under Uncertainty
  5. Dr. Anton Hettiarachchige-Don - Ph.D. Spring 2021 (Senior Lecturer, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology)
    Dissertation: A Hybrid Physics Aware Learning Based Transmission Line Resistance Estimation Algorithm for Dynamic Line Rating Application
  6. Dr. Sultan Hakmi - Ph.D. Spring 2021 (Assistant Professor, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia) 
    Dissertation: A Fast Time Series Power Flow Method for Active Distribution System Control Applications

MS Thesis

  1. Vinod Kumar Ravindran - M.S. Spring 2013 (Currently @ IEM Power Systems)
    Thesis: Reactive Power Control Functions for Distributed PV Sources
  2. Long Zhao - M.S. Summer 2014 (Currently a Ph.D. student at UT Arlington)
    Thesis: Residential-Level Smart Distribution Systems with Integration of Demand Response and Electric Vehicles Using Aggregators
  3. Nan Wang - M.S. Fall 2014 (Currently @ Kasa Controls & Automation)
    Thesis: Multi-Sensor-Based Fault Detection and Classification Method for Radial Power Distribution Systems
  4. John E. Doffing - M.S. Fall 2014 (Currently @ Textron Aviation)
    Thesis: Energy Storage in a Motor
  5. Sam Moayedi - M.S. Fall 2014 (Currently a Ph.D. student at UNL)
    Thesis: Optimal Control of Distribution System in the Presence of Distributed Generators
  6. Muhammad Usman Khan - M.S. Spring 2015
    Thesis: Impact of Control Frequency on Transformer Level Demand Management and Consumer Comfort
  7. Avinash Banajiger - M.S. Spring 2015 (Currently @ John Deere)
    Thesis: Radial Feeder Reliability Evaluation in the Presence of Storage
  8. Suvagata Chakraborty - M.S. Summer 2015 (Currently a Ph.D. student)
    Thesis: Estimation Error Analysis Due to Aggregation Interval for Smart Distribution Feeders
  9. Saeed Alsaleeb - M.S. Fall 2015 (Currently @ Saudi Aramco)
    Thesis: Discrete Event Driven Approach for Electric Vehicle Charging and Uncertainty Evaluation
  10. Kian Gholizadeh - M.S. Spring 2016 (Currently @ Boundary Devices Inc.)
    Thesis: Simulation-Based Approach for Impact Analysis of Electric Water Heater Demand Management Based on Consumer Cost and Comfort
  11. Anton Hettiarachchige-Don - M.S. Spring 2016 (Currently a Ph.D. student)
    Thesis: Real-Time Parameter Estimation Using Synchrophasor Measurements and Impac of Sampling Rates
  12. Aasheesh Deshmukh - MS Spring 2017
    Thesis: Feeder Voltage Control in the Presence of Distributed Generation
  13. Thanatheepan Balachandran - MS Summer 2017 (Currently a Ph.D. student @ UIUC)
    Thesis: Enhancing and Evaluating Smart Distribution System Reliability: A Distributed Sensor Monitoring Network Approach
  14. Sultan Hakmi - MS Fall 2017 (Currently a Ph.D. student)
    Thesis: Jacobian Based Power Flow Model for Distribution Network
  15. Nipuna Gomes - MS Fall 2017
    Thesis: Demand Side Management for Residential Consumers Considering Distribution System Requirements
  16. Arun Manoharan - MS Spring 2018 (Currently a Ph.D. student) 
    Thesis: Possibilistic Approach for Feeder Level Power Loss Reduction
  17. Joshua M. Newell, MS Spring 2018
    Thesis: Power System Congestion Prediction Using Neural Network Algorithms
  18. Nick Cox - MS Fall 2018 (Currently at Guernsey)
    Thesis: Reducing on-load tap-changer operations through utilization of auto-switch capacitor bank with presence of large solar interconnection
  19. Daniel Gilchrist - MS Fall 2018 (Currently at Evergy)
    Thesis: Economic Analysis of Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems

  20. Sangeeth Sarukara - MS Fall 2019 (Currently at AMS Controls) 
    Thesis: Game Theory Based Demand Response Algorithm for Economical House Load Scheduling

MS Project

  1. Md. Rakib Ur Rahman - M.S. Fall 2015
  2. Khandaker Rasel Kabir - M.S. Summer 2016
  3. Akash Vira - M.S. Spring 2018
  4. Skibba A. Richard - M.S. Fall 2018