Wichita State University Faculty Senate
Minutes of the meeting February 28, 1011

MEMBERS PRESENT: Adler, Anderson, Bennett, Bolin(Lee), Carruthers, Celestin, Close, Decker, DeSilva, D'Souza, Hemans, Henry, Hershfield, Horn, Klunder, Kreinath, Lewis, Matveyeva, Miller, Mosack, Rillema, Rokosz, Ross, D. Russell, L. Russell, Skinner, Smith-Campbell, Soles, Strattman, Yeager, Yildirim

MEMBERS ABSENT: Ahmed, Baker, Brooks, Bryant, Jeffres, Taher, Thompson,

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Barut, DiLollo, Gibson, Smith

Ex-OFFICO: Miller

Summary of Action:
1. Accepted the proposed BS in Engineering Technology degree

I. Call of the Meeting to Order: President Hemans called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.

II. Informal Statements and Proposals: none.

III. Approval of the Minutes: Senator Adler noted that he was in attendance on February 14, 2011. The minutes of the meeting of Monday, February 14, 2011 were accepted with that amendment.

IV. President’s Report:
A. President Hemans advised the senate that a proposal for WSU’s transfer and articulation scheme would be forthcoming shortly.
B. President Hemans advised that the senate would shortly consider a proposal from the General Education committee to require prerequisites for courses available for Further Studies credit.
C. President Hemans advised that the senate would shortly consider a proposal from the Ad Hoc General Education committee to adopt an outcomes-based approach to general education. The committee would also provide an outline of a future process for revising general education in line with such an approach.
D. President Hemans advised that the senate would shortly consider a proposal from the University Tenure and Promotion committee to clarify certain parts of the appeals process.
E. President Hemans alerted the senate to a new draft of proposals from the KBOR Transfer and Articulation Task Force.
F. President Hemans alerted the senate to proposed regulations from the Department of Education bearing on the transparency of degree programs. Provost Miller noted the changed in definition of ‘credit hour’ in the proposal.

The senate then agreed to change the order to consider New Business next.

VII. New Business:
A. Graduation Partnership - Associate Provost Keith Pickus - he made a presentation on the Graduation Partnership. He said that the aims of the program are to increase retention from the first to second years of study for first-time full-time students by ten percentage points (from about 70% to 80%) and to increase 6-year graduation rates for first-time full-time students (from about 40% to 50%). He discussed plans under the program to revise orientation and advising, and to continue with implementation of the “Grades First” early alert system. General discussion followed.
B. WSU 101 - Exec Director Faculty Development and Student Success William Vanderburgh - he made a presentation on the WSU 101 course. He said that he aimed to expand the course to be available to all students in fall 2011, and envisioned a course taught to sections of 25 students who would periodically meet in groups of 250. General discussion followed. Senator Celestin, chair of the Academic Affairs committee, wished to clarify that the committee had approved only the teaching of WSU 101 for one semester as an experimental pilot course, and that further implementation of the course would require the approval of the academic affairs committees of the respective colleges. The minutes of the Academic Affairs committee’s consideration of WSU 101 are available at: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=facultysenate&p=/aam12811/

VI. Old Business: There was general discussion of the proposal to approve a B.S. in Engineering Technology. Senator Hershfield moved to accept the proposal (seconded by Senator Rillema). A vote was taken and the proposal was accepted.

VIII. As May Arise: none.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Russell, Secretary