Meet Your Coordinators

Helen HundleyHelen Hundley
202 Fiske Hall, 316-978-7745

Professor Hundley teaches courses on Russian and Soviet History, Eastern Europe, modern English History. She studes imperialism with a particular emphasis on the relations of Russia and other world powers in Central Asia. Her article, "George Kennan and the Russian Empire: How America's Conscience became an Enemy of Tsarism," appeared in Kennan Institute Occasional Paper (Kennan Institute, 2000) and "The London Missionary Society's Mongolian Missions: British Insights into the 'Great Game' in Asia," was included in Splendidly Victorian, Essays in Honor of Walter l. Arnstein.

Robert Feleppa
Robert Feleppa

104 Fiske Hall, 316-978-7881

Professor Feleppa's main interests are in philosophy of social science, metaethics, and comparative philosophy, with current emphasis on the comparison of Asian and Western thought and culture. He has been at WSU since 1980. In 2001 he received the college's John R. Barrier Distinguished Teaching Award; in 2004 he was promoted to full Professor. Dr. Feleppa is working on a series of papers on Asian philosophy and the Philosophy of Social Science.