Golden Pavillion
Golden Pavillion, Kyoto

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Welcome to the WSU Certificate Program in Asian Studies

Who We Are

The Certificate in Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to explore Asia's varied nations, cultures, languages, peoples and histories. Click here for the program's main requirements.

What do we mean by "Asian?"

Asia is a vast continent whose peoples extend from the islands of Japan, to the "stans" (such as Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan) in the west, and from India and Indonesia along the Indian Ocean to Mongolia and Siberia in the north. In addition, Asian peoples, cultures, trade links, and political ties have long extended far beyond mere geographic boundaries. From the Silk Road and spice trade of antiquity to immigrant communities and the Internet, Asian influences and peoples are central to understanding a global story.

Why is Asian Studies so important?

Given America's increasing involvement with Asia, educational and occupational opportunities with Asian focus will inevitably increase, and the certificate will provide students a valuable background to take advantage of the world's changing dynamics. Developments in the past decade have radically transformed America's relationship to the nations of the Asian Rim. Not only has North American trade with Asia changed radically, we have become deeply involved as a nation in its social and political dynamics. A certificate encourages potential employers and graduate admissions committees to focus on the fact that the student has made the extra effort to go beyond broad major and degree requirements and develop and focus their studies in a serious way on aspects of the Asian world.