Student in Lab


Many of the faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences maintain active research programs. These research projects will not be completed successfully without the involvement of interested students. Research participation may involve general laboratory maintenance and/or active participation in primary research experimentation. Students with a real desire to experience science in action and gain valuable work experience are encouraged to seek out professors in the department to inquire about opportunities. Even if one faculty member may not need assistance at a particular time, they will be able to direct you to others that may be able to help.



Student in Lab


The Department of Biological Sciences encourages students at all levels to become involved with research. Hands-on training in the laboratory with one-on-one contact with research faculty is a very valuable experience for undergraduate students. Most faculty members actively work in the laboratories and not just at their desks. Research opportunities are available year-round. Both field and bench experiences are offered. Many projects develop into an authorship on a paper published in a scientific journal or a presentation at a scientific conference.


In order to enroll for undergraduate research, you must identify a faculty mentor and work with them to complete an abstract that defines your project.


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