Wichita State University Department of Biology Seminar
Spring 2024

Monday 4pm-5:00pm, HH 231 (new room)

Seminars are open to the public. Attendance is required for all students enrolled in Biol 497, Biol 797, and all current graduate students.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Bin Shuai (bin.shuai@wichita.edu)

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
22-Jan Orientation   All enrolled students should attend
29-Jan Jeremy Ross University of Oklahoma Extreme weather ecology of migratory grassland birds
5-Feb Biology Graduate Students: Binuri Hewa Thotagamuwage; Riley Drees
12-Feb Doug Emlen
Public Lecture

Watkins Visiting Professor
University of Montana "Extreme Weapons:  A Natural History"
231 Hubbard Hall, Monday, 2/12/24 at 4 to 5pm
Doug Emlen
Scientific Lecture

Watkins VIsiting Professor
University of Montana "The evolution of extreme weapons (lessons from a rhinoceros beetle)" 
209 Hubbard Hall, Tuesday, 2/13/24 at 4 to 5pm
19-Feb Andrew George Pittsburg State University Bird conservation in managed forests:  insights from a 100-year ecological experiment
26-Feb Jordan Brungardt

Alvin Sarachek Research Seminar
USDA-Agricultural Research Service Transcriptome profile of pecan scab resistant and susceptible trees from a pecan provenance collection
4-Mar Mohamed Fakhr University of Tulsa Campylobacter Survival In Retail Meats:  An Interesting Story


18-Mar Medhavi Ambardar Fort Hays State University Relationships among parental behavior, physiology, and fitness of birds
25-Mar Jaina Agan University of Central Oklahoma The role and importance of juvenile dimorphisms
1-Apr Jocelyn McDonald Kansas State University Group activities:  How migrating cell collectives organize and move together
8-Apr Jeroen Roelofs University of Kansas Medical Center Stress induced relocalization of proteasomes into condensates
15-Apr Matthew Gibson Stowers Institute Understanding your inner anemone:  Hox genes, segmentation and somitogenesis during cnidarian development
22-Apr Graduate Student Presentations:  Bryanna Woodard, Max Proctor
29-Apr Sufi Thomas University of Kansas Medical Center The role of tumor microenvironment in Head and Neck Cancer Progression

Graduate Students Presentations:  Neema Fathi, Caelan Schuman, Tiffany Bass

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