Wichita State University Department of Biology Seminar

Public Seminar 4-5:00pm CST, Spring 2021

Seminars are open to the public and hosted online via Zoom (see bottom of page for link).

Attendance is required for all students enrolled in Biol 497, Biol 797, and all current graduate students.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Mary Liz Jameson at mary.jameson@wichita.edu.

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Mary Liz

Seminar Orientation:  Discussion for enrolled graduate and undergraduate students


Cristian Beza-Beza

University of Memphis, TN

Diversification in the Mesoamerican sky-islands: Molecular phylogenetics and evolution of the New World bess beetles (Coleoptera: Passalidae: Proculini)


Rex Cocroft

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Plant perception of insect sound and vibration


Corrie Moreau

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Piecing Together the Puzzle to Understand the Evolution of the Ants: Macroevolution to Microbiomes


Elizabeth McCullagh

Oklahoma State University, OK

Tuning of the hardware: plasticity in the auditory brainstem


Karla Rodgers

Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, OK


How to build an antibody repertoire using two RAGs


Jon Eric Tongren

Center for Disease Control, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Pandemics, parasites, and people: US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and International Public Health - What does it mean to you?


Kelley Myers

Senior Advisor on Landscape Conservation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Kansas City, MO

The Potential of Collaboration Conservation: A Case Study in the Midwest Landscape Initiative

29-Mar Nick Barber San Diego State University, CA

Tallgrass prairie restoration: shaping diversity and function from microbes to megafauna

5-Apr Nishanta Rajakaruna California Polytechnic, CA

Life on the Rocks: What plants on harsh substrate ‘islands’ can teach us about diversity, ecology, evolution, and conservation and restoration practices.


Rodrigo Mercader

Washburn University, KS

Recruitment and species interactions following small scale honeysuckle removal


Morgan Trible

Jake Wright

Jameson Lab:  Wichita State University

Luhring Lab:  Wichita State Univesity


Assessing dung beetle (Coleoptera:  Scarabaeidae) biodiversity & impact on ecosystem functioning in a rangeland ecosystem

Amphibian larvae distribution amongst intermittent stream pools in the Flint Hlls covaries with vegetationo and fish colonization. 


Fariha Tanveer

Kobe Luu

Christine Streid

Hendry Lab:  Wichita State University

Houseman Lab:  Wichita State University

Luhring Lab:  Wichita State University

Developing a Human "Avatar" System Particularly Relevant to Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC)

The role of plant functional group and soil type on grassland plant-soil feedbacks. 

Response of meiofauna within isolated stream pools to experimental drying


Morgan (Cox) Markley

Stacy D Holt, Jr.

Sierra Kanemoto

Morgan Cox : Wichita State University


Beck Lab:Wichita State University


Zendry Lab:  Wichita State University

Insights into the introduction and distribution of invasive Japanese Climbing Fern (Lygodium japonicum) through whole chloroplast sequencing

What is Salvinia molesta? Determining genetic composition of the allopolyploid invasive giant Salvinia using genomic data

Testing at the proteomic level of the hamster cheek pouchsystem for the xenotransplantation of human head and neck squamous cell cancer tissue samples

Public Seminar 4-5:00pm CST, Spring 2021

via Zoom https://wichitastate.zoom.us/j/93757837274?pwd=NDlRSjRkQ2VZSkpxY3lIWjZFL29MQT09

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