Seminar Schedule Spring 2019

Monday, 4pm to 5pm, Room 218 Hubbard Hall

Seminars are open to the public. Attendance is required for all students enrolled in Biol 497, Biol 797 and all current graduate students.

If you need additional information, please contact Dr. Leland Russell, 316-978-3111 or



4 February David Long Department of Biomedical Engineering; Wichita State University Multi-scale cellular mechanobiology in health and disease
11 February Ana Jurcak-Detter Department of Natural Science and Mathematics; Friends University Decision making in a scary environment: Understanding the sensory ecology of predator-prey interactions
18 February Matt Bolek Department of Integrative Biology; Oklahoma State University Butterflies, Milkweed and STDs, Oh My!  Observations on the Transmission and Natural History of the Pathogenic Neogregarine, Ophryocystis elektroscirrha in the Monarch Butterfly, Danaus plexippus.
25 February Justin Dee School of Natural Resources; University of Missouri Herb-chronology: Utility of annual growth rings in taproots of forbs for age determination and records of growth response to environment
4 March Stephanie Shames Division of Biology; Kansas State University A tale of two Legionella effectors: contributions to pathogenesis and host response
11 March Spring Break No Class  
18 March Mel Vaughan Department of Biology; University of Central Oklahoma Caffeine effect on fibroblasts: blocks leading the horse to water but can’t stop it from drinking
25 March Todd Barkman Department of Biological Sciences; Western Michigan University Testing evolutionary hypotheses in a parasitic plant genus that produces the world's largest flowers: the Rafflesia berry does not fall far from the tree.
1 April Grad Student Presentations Wichita State University  
8 April Ray Moranz Xerces Society; USDA-NRCS Stillwater OK Conservation of grassland pollinators and their habitat
15 April Grad Student Presentations Wichita State University  
22 April Soumya Roy OceanSpray Inc. Scientific Research in the Food Science Industry
29 April Grad Student Presentations Wichita State University  
6 May Grad Student Presentations Wichita State University