An instructor teaching on the topic of Strategic Communication.

Strategic Communication

Emphasizes building effective relationships, grooming civic leadership and producing marketable employees through public relations and human relation skills. The curriculum includes creating effective presentations, facilitating small-group discussions, handling conflict, managing diverse constituencies and cultivating leadership. These skills are needed in business, government, education, law, social services and many other areas; for example, there are many positions in business that require strategic skill sets: public affairs, consulting, human resources, research and development, fundraising and special events planning.

All students majoring in Communication must complete the Communication core courses.


Foundation (select ONE course from the following)

  • 311 – (3) Persuasion
  • 328 – (3) Teamwork, Leadership, and Group Communication
  • 511 – (3) Strategic Communication in Organizations

Interpersonal (select ONE course from the following)

  • 290 – (3) Listening Strategies
  • 302 – (3) Interpersonal Communication
  • 312 – (3) Nonverbal Communication

Organizational (select ONE course from the following)

  • 640 – (3) Issues in Corporate Communication
  • 650 – (3) Communication Training and Development

Public Affairs (select ONE course from the following)

  • 313 – (3) Argumentation and Advocacy
  • 502 – (3) Public Information Writing (COMM 301, Junior standing)
  • 632 – (3) American Public Address (Political Comm.)

Practicum (select ONE course from the following, or 2 that total 3 credits)

  • 398 – Travel Seminar
  • 402 – Debate and Forensics
  • 481 – Coop Education
  • 581 – Communication Practicum
  • 622 – Practicum: Studio B
  • 690 – Communication Internship

Electives: (Select ONE course. Your adviser has a list of recommended courses, but a variety of courses in the ESC curriculum and related fields approved by your adviser could be substitute, including courses on this check sheet not selected for fulfilling a requirement.)

Strategic Communication course checklist


Trainer Public Relations Specialist
PR Events Coordinator Marketing Assistant
Motivational Speaker Account Executive
Recruiter Secondary Teacher
Project Coordinator Sales Associate
Speech Writer Community Organizer
Advocate Legislative Staffer
Commercial Talent Speech Coach
HS Forensics Coach Grants Writer


Professor/Dean Mediator College Instructor
Sales Executive Attorney Medial Critic
Consultant Crisis Communicator Political Analyst
Clergyperson Negotiator Lobbyist