Elliott School of Communication emphasis areas

All students in communication must select from one of four emphasis areas.

Integrated Marketing Communication
An empahsis in IMC prepares students for the fields of advertising, public relations, marketing and related creative media. Courses emphasize strategy and writing skills that build understanding of how marketing campaigns are packaged and produced.

Journalism and Media Production
The Journalism and Media Production emphasis offers students classes in writing, podcasting, video production, web production, media design and more. Students are prepared for a wide range of careers telling stories and sharing information across platforms.

Communication Studies
Emphasizes building meaningful relationships, grooming civic leadership and producing marketable employees through public relations and human relation skills. The curriculum includes giving effective presentations, facilitating small-group discussions, handling conflict, managing diverse constituencies and cultivating leadership. The emphasis was formerly Strategic Communication.

Open Emphasis
Communication majors with interests and needs that are not served by the school’s traditional emphasis areas can develop, propose and acquire faculty approval for a special open emphasis program pulling from any or all emphasis areas.