Printing at Wichita State University

Wichita State University uses a printing tool called PaperCut to handle print jobs on campus. If you would like to print from your laptop or from one of our lab computers, you will use this printing service. Here are a few notes about printing using PaperCut:

  1. Print jobs are sent to the printer via a web page:
  2. Only PDFs can be printed (you will need to convert your files before sending them to print).
  3. The price to print is $0.10 per page. You can add funds to your online account via the PaperCut web page.
  4. We have two printers in Elliott Hall connected to the PaperCut service:
    - 1st Floor Main Office Room 102 (Elliott Hall-102-Printer1-B&W)
    - 2nd Floor Room 218 (Elliott Hall-218-Printer1-B&W)

If you have any other questions, come by our main office (102 Elliott Hall).