English 011. Syntax, Logic, and Organization (3)
Reviews the basic elements of written English. Students write paragraphs and short essays. Combines lecture, small group discussion, and individual tutoring. For students whose ACT-English scores or placement test scores do not qualify them for English 101. Offered Cr/NCr only. Credit not applied for graduation. This is a remedial course designed to help students who may have been out of school for years or struggled in their writing classes get up to speed writing at the college level.

A similar course offered for non-native speakers is…

English 013. Basic English for ESL I (3)
Teaches the fundamental elements of written and spoken English, emphasizing the acquisition of basic grammatical and syntactical structures and the writing of paragraphs and short essays. This remedial course is designed to help students whose first language is not English and who are struggling with the basics of writing English

This course leads to…

English 015. Basic Skills for ESL II (3)
Extends the skills developed in English 013. Students continue to practice using basic grammatical and syntactical structures, work on reading comprehension skills, and continue to master essay structure. Offered Cr/NCr only. Prerequisite. ENGL 013 or satisfactory score on placement test. Credit not applied for graduation.

Successful completion of English 015 leads to…

English 100. English Composition (3)
A required composition course for non-native speaking students scoring below a certain level as determined by a departmental placement examination or ACT scores. Emphasizes reading and writing skills appropriate to academic discourse. Integrates the writing process, rhetorical modes, and library skills into the writing assignments related primarily to nonfiction readings. Prerequisites: Qualifying score on ACT or placement exam, or successful completion of ENGL 013 or ENGL 015. Substitutes as ENGL 101 for non native-speaking students and covers all the same major assignments as ENGL 101 but with special emphasis on struggles typical of non-native speaking students.

English 101. College English I (3)
General education basic skills course. Focuses on developing reading and writing skills appropriate to academic discourse. Integrates the writing process, rhetorical modes, and library skills into writing assignments related primarily to nonfiction readings. Prerequisite: qualifying score on ACT or placement exam, or successful completion of English 011. This class focuses on helping students understand and master several common modes of college level writing.

English 102. College English II (3)
General education basic skills course. Emphasizes critical reading, research, and argumentation. ENGL 102 should be taken after ENGL 101 in the freshman year. Prerequisite: ENGL 101, with a C or better. This course is a continuation of the skills addressed in English 101, but with special focus on crafting ethical, researched argumentative essays.

The English Department also currently offers sections of English 101 and 102 in online formats and with Science Writing emphases. Students interested in taking either the online format or the Science Writing emphasis should discuss these options with their academic advisors as space is limited.

English 210. Composition: Business, Professional, and Technical Writing (3)
Provides instruction and practice in writing the kinds of letters, memos, instructions, and reports required in the professional world of business and industry. Emphasizes both formats and techniques necessary for effective and persuasive professional communication. Prerequisites: ENGL 101 and 102 or instructor’s consent. This course will prepare students for a variety of common writing situations in the professional workplace with additional emphasis on developing and editing proposals and grants.

English 385. Advanced Composition (3)
General education further study course. Advanced introduction to prose composition designed to give students practice in writing within popular, professional, Web-based and academic environments. Examines the writing process focusing on organization, development, style, purpose, written communication strategies, Web-specific demands, and audience. Readings and discussions of prose from a range of popular, professional, online, and academic publications help students theorize about their own choices as writers. Wring assignment allow students to exercise these options in order to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences and in a variety of media. Replaces ENGL 685 effective fall 2011. Prerequisite: ENGL 102, and ENGL 230 and 232.

English 680. Theory and Practice in Composition (3)
Introduces theories and rhetoric, research in composition and writing programs, and practices in schools and colleges. Students investigate the process of writing analyze varieties and samples of school writing, and develop their own writing skills by writing, revising and evaluation their own and others’ work. Designed especially for prospective and practicing teachers, and may not be taken credit by students with credit in ENGL 780.

This course is designed for current and future secondary school teachers. The class emphasizes important theoretical approaches to teaching composition and discusses the practical application and challenges of these theories in the contemporary classroom.

English 780. Advanced Theory and Practice in Composition (3)
For teaching assistants in English. Review of new theories of rhetoric, recent research in composition, and new promising developments in composition programs in schools and colleges. Students are given practice in advanced writing problems, situations, and techniques and may propose projects for further special study.

This course is typically geared toward incoming graduate teaching assistants. The class must be taken in the first semester offered after entering the program to hold a teaching assistantship.